Meaning of HELL in English


(EXPRESSION) exclamation, [noun] [U] - used to express anger or to give emphasis to an expressionOh hell, I've forgotten my key!What the hell was that noise?We haven't got a chance/hope in hell (= we have no chance/hope) of meeting such a tight deadline.(slang) It's a/one hell of a (also helluva) (= extremely) big decision to take.(slang) The house was in a/one hell of a (also helluva) (= a very big) mess.(slang) If you do something as confidently/quick/easily as hell, you do it very confidently/quickly/easily.(informal) If you get the hell out of a place, you leave it quickly.Let's get the hell out of here, before any shooting starts.(informal) If you do something like hell or if you feel something like hell, you do it or feel it very quickly, very hard, very strongly, etc..We ran like hell.We worked like hell to finish the job.The tooth began to hurt like hell.(slang) Like hell is also used to mean certainly not."Surely you feel quite rich by now?" "Like hell! I'm only making $10 000 a year."(informal) If something or someone annoys, frightens, etc. the hell out of you, it makes you extremely annoyed or frightened.He jumped out from behind a wall and scared the hell out of her.(slang) To beat, knock, etc. the hell out of someone is to hit them with great force.There are two guys beating the hell out of each other in the street outside.(US informal) If you answer someone by saying the hell you do/are or the hell it does you are telling them you do not believe what they have said or will not allow them to do what they want."I don't need your advice, I know what's good for me." "The hell you do!"(informal) If you wish or hope to hell that something is true or that it will happen, you are saying how strongly you want it to be true or to happen.I hope to hell she hasn't missed that plane.(slang) If you say what the hell, you are expressing a feeling that something is suddenly not very important to you.I was supposed to be working this evening but what the hell - I'll see you in the pub in half an hour.(informal) If you are hell-bent on doing something, you are extremely determined to do it, without caring about risks or possible dangerous results.hell-bent on revenge/violence/causing trouble(informal) If you say hell's bells or (UK and ANZ also) hell's teeth, you are expressing your anger, surprise or fear.Hell's bells, man, can't you do anything right?

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