Meaning of MAP in English

[noun] [C] - a drawing of (part of) the earth's surface showing the shape and position of different countries, political borders, natural features such as rivers and mountains, and artificial features such as roads and buildingsa map of the worlda map of Parisa road mapWe need a large-scale map showing all the footpaths that we can walk along.I'm hopeless at map reading (= understanding maps).A map can also give you a particular type of information about a particular area.He bought a map showing the population distribution of Scotland.A map can also show the position of stars in the sky or the features on the surface of planets.a celestial mapa map of MarsA map is also a very simple plan which shows a direction of travel between one place and another.I'll draw you a quick map if you're worried about finding the hotel.If someone or something puts an unknown place or person on the map, it makes them important and famous.The governor has managed to put this sleepy southern state in America on the map.If a place is blown/wiped/etc off the map, it is destroyed completely.A nuclear bomb could wipe the whole country off the map.

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