Meaning of MAP in English

I. map 1 S2 W2 /mæp/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1500-1600 ; Language: Medieval Latin ; Origin: mappa , from Latin , 'cloth, towel' ]

1 . a drawing of a particular area, for example a city or country, which shows its main features, such as its roads, rivers, mountains etc

map of

a map of Mexico City

According to the map we should turn left.

on a map

I’m just trying to find Vancouver on the map.

2 . a drawing of an area showing some kind of special feature, for example the type of rocks, weather, population etc SYN chart :

an archaeological map of the area

the colour weather map in the newspaper

political map (=one showing where political parties have power, or where countries are)

3 . put something on the map to make a place famous:

It was the Olympic Games that really put Seoul on the map.

4 . off the map informal a long way from any large town:

It’s a small place in Nebraska. Right off the map.

⇨ wipe something off the map at ↑ wipe 1 (8)

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■ verbs

▪ look at a map

She stopped the car to look at the map.

▪ read a map (=look at and understand the information on a map)

He drove while I read the map.

▪ study a map (=look carefully at a map)

They studied the map before setting out.

▪ draw a map

He drew me a map of the route.

▪ check a map ( also consult a map formal ) (=look at a map to get information)

I don't know how to get to Berlin without consulting a map.

▪ be marked on a map (=put a mark or symbol on a map to show where something is)

The path is clearly marked on the map.

▪ find something on a map

I managed to find the village on the map.

▪ spread out/unfold a map

We spread out our maps on the floor.


▪ detailed

a detailed map of the city

▪ accurate

a modern, accurate map of the district

▪ large-scale (=showing a small area in a lot of detail)

a large-scale map of Paris

▪ a road map

a road map of Texas

▪ a street map

There's a street map outside the town hall.

▪ a tourist map

The museum is marked on most tourist maps.

▪ an Ordnance Survey map British English (=a map showing the roads, paths, hills etc of an area in detail)

■ phrases

▪ the contours on a map (=the lines on a map showing the height of mountains and valleys)

Contours on the map are given in feet.

II. map 2 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle mapped , present participle mapping ) [transitive]

1 . to make a map of a particular area:

He spent the next fifteen years mapping the Isle of Anglesey.

2 . to discover or show information about something, especially about its shape or arrangement, or how it moves or works:

The points at which stress and anxiety emerge can be mapped.

map onto something phrasal verb

to match something or have a direct relationship with something

map something ↔ out phrasal verb

to plan carefully how something will happen:

Her own future had been mapped out for her by wealthy and adoring parents.

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