Meaning of MAP in English

I. ˈmap noun

( -s )

Etymology: Medieval Latin mappa, from Latin, napkin, of Semitic origin; akin to Hebrew mĕnaphā fan



(1) : a drawing or other representation that is usually made on a flat surface and that shows the whole or a part of an area (as of the surface of the earth or some other planet or of the moon) and indicates the nature and relative position and size according to a chosen scale or projection of selected features or details (as countries, cities, bodies of water, mountains, deserts) — compare chart

(2) : a similar drawing or other representation of the celestial sphere that indicates the nature and relative position and size of stars or planets or other celestial features or phenomena

b. : something (as a significant outward appearance, a pointed or concise verbal description) that indicates or delineates or reveals by representing or showing with a clarity suggestive of that of a map

thus is his cheek the map of days outworn — Shakespeare

2. slang : face

- put on the map

- wipe off the map

II. transitive verb

( mapped ; mapped ; mapping ; maps )


a. : to make a map of : show or establish the features or details of with clarity like that of a map

map the surface of the moon

sorrow was mapped on her face

b. : to make a survey of or travel over for or as if for the purpose of making a map

a remote section they haven't even begun to map

c. : to assign to every element of (a mathematical set) an element of the same or another set

a set is called denumerable if it can be mapped … onto the set of all the natural numbers — A.H.Wallace

2. : to arrange, delineate, or plan the details of : show or plan in detail

mapped a program

— often used with out

mapping out what he hoped to accomplish

III. noun

1. : the arrangement of genes on a chromosome — called also genetic map

2. : function 6

- all over the map

- on the map

IV. transitive verb

: to locate (a gene) on a chromosome

mutants which have been genetically mapped

intransitive verb

of a gene : to be located

a repressor maps near the corresponding structural gene

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