Meaning of MAP in English


n. & v.


1. a a usu. flat representation of the earth's surface, or part of it, showing physical features, cities, etc. (cf. GLOBE). b a diagrammatic representation of a route etc. (drew a map of the journey).

2 a two-dimensional representation of the stars, the heavens, etc., or of the surface of a planet, the moon, etc.

3 a diagram showing the arrangement or components of a thing.

4 sl. the face. (mapped, mapping)

1. represent (a country etc.) on a map.

2 Math. associate each element of (a set) with one element of another set.

Phrases and idioms:

map out arrange in detail; plan (a course of conduct etc.). off the map colloq.

1. of no account; obsolete.

2 very distant. on the map colloq. prominent, important. wipe off the map colloq. obliterate.


mapless adj. mappable adj. mapper n.

Etymology: L mappa napkin: in med.L mappa (mundi) map (of the world)

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