Meaning of MAP in English

[map] n [ML mappa, fr. L, napkin, towel] (1527) 1 a: a representation usu. on a flat surface of the whole or a part of an area b: a representation of the celestial sphere or a part of it

2: something that represents with a clarity suggestive of a map

3: the arrangement of genes on a chromosome--called also genetic map

4: function 5a -- adj -- on the map : in a position of prominence or fame "had put the fledgling university on the map --Lon Tinkle"

[2]map vb mapped ; vt (1586) 1 a: to make a map of "~ the surface of the moon" b: to delineate as if on a map "sorrow was mapped on her face" c: to make a survey of for or as if for the purpose of making a map d: to assign (as a set or element) in a mathematical correspondence "~ a set onto itself" "~ picture elements to video memory"

2: to plan in detail--often used with out "~ out a program"

3: to locate (a gene) on a chromosome ~ vi, of a gene: to be located "a repressor ~s near the corresponding structural gene" -- adj -- map.per n

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