Meaning of MEANS in English


(METHOD) [plural] [noun] - a method or way (of doing something)We must use all/every means at our disposal.The poll showed 32% of people approving every means short of the use of force.She tried to explain by means of sign language.We are being continually deluged with messages by radio, television, cellular phone and every other means of communication.There are more than enough weapons in the world to provide the means of our own destruction.The new-found means of fighting viruses could prove very successful.There is no means of tracing the debt at all.The family had no means of support (= way of getting the money it needed to pay for food, somewhere to live, clothes, etc.)I worked on a voluntary basis first of all as a means to an end (= as a way of achieving something else, for example a permanent job). (formal) By all means is a polite way of giving permission."May I borrow this book?" "By all means."(formal) By no means or not by any means means 'emphatically not'.It is by no means certain that we will be able to move to our new office in June.This isn't the last we'll hear of it by any means (= We will certainly hear more about it).

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