Meaning of MEANS in English

/ miːnz; NAmE / noun ( pl. means )


[ C ] means (of doing sth / of sth) an action, an object or a system by which a result is achieved; a way of achieving or doing sth :

Television is an effective means of communication.

Is there any means of contacting him?

Have you any means of identification ?

We needed to get to London but we had no means of transport .


[ pl. ] the money that a person has :

People should pay according to their means .

He doesn't have the means to support a wife and child.

Private school fees are beyond the means of most people (= more than they can afford).

Are the monthly repayments within your means (= can you afford them) ?

Try to live within your means (= not spend more money than you have).

a man of means (= a rich man)


- by all means

- by means of sth

- by no means | not by any (manner of) means

- a means to an end

—more at end noun , fair adjective , way noun



late Middle English : plural of mean (noun), the early sense being intermediary.

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