Meaning of PAST in English

(BEYOND) [preposition], [adverb] [not gradable] - in or to a position that is beyond a particular pointI live on Station Road, just past the post office.Jane finds it impossible to walk past cake shops without stopping.Three boys went past us on mountain bikes.Excuse me, has the number 37 bus gone past yet?Was that Peter who just jogged past in those bright pink shorts?You use past to say what the time is when it is a particular number of minutes after an hour.It's 5/10/a quarter/20/25/half past three.I've got to leave at twenty past or I'll miss that train.She's past the age where she needs a babysitter.Do what you want, I'm past caring (= I don't care any longer).(informal) Describing someone as being past it is a slightly rude or humorous way of saying that they are no longer able to do esp. physical activity because they are too old.(informal) If you say you wouldn't put it past someone to do esp. something bad, it means that you would not be surprised if they did it.I wouldn't put it past Helena to pass secrets to our competitors.

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