Meaning of PAST in English

adj., n., prep., & adv.


1. gone by in time and no longer existing (in past years; the time is past).

2 recently completed or gone by (the past month; for some time past).

3 relating to a former time (past president).

4 Gram. expressing a past action or state.


1. (prec. by the) a past time. b what has happened in past time (cannot undo the past).

2 a person's past life or career, esp. if discreditable (a man with a past).

3 a past tense or form.


1. beyond in time or place (is past two o'clock; ran past the house).

2 beyond the range, duration, or compass of (past belief; past endurance).

--adv. so as to pass by (hurried past).

Phrases and idioms:

not put it past a person believe it possible of a person. past it colloq. incompetent or unusable through age. past master

1. a person who is especially adept or expert in an activity, subject, etc.

2 a person who has been a master in a guild, Freemason's lodge, etc. past perfect PLUPERFECT.

Etymology: past part. of PASS(1) v.

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