Meaning of PAST in English

adj. 1 over, done, finished, (over and) done with, gone (and forgotten), dead (and buried or gone), defunct The day of the horse and carriage is past 2 late, former, one-time, sometime, previous, prior, erstwhile, quondam, whilom; last, recent Past owners of the house had no idea that this treasure was buried in the basement

adv. 3 on, (close) by, nearby I was standing here when he ran past 4 ago, before, heretofore, since The previous owners moved out two years past

n. 5 history, background, life, lifetime, existence, career, lifestyle, biography She reveals all about her past in her new book 6 days or years or times gone by, days of yore, old times, olden times or days, former times, (good) old days, days of old, days beyond recall In the past, life proceeded at a more leisurely pace

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