Meaning of RIDE in English

[verb] [past simple] rode, [past participle] ridden - to sit on (a horse or a bicycle) and travel along on it controlling its movements, or to travel in a vehicle, such as a car, bus or trainI learned to ride a bike when I was six. [T]We rode the train from Sydney to Perth. [T]I ride my bicycle to work. [T]I ride to work on my bicycle. [I]I rode home from work by bike. [I]He hasn't got a car so he rides to work on the bus. [I]She rides (= rides horses) every weekend. [I]He rides well/badly (= He can ride horses well/badly). [I]The hunters came riding by/past on their horses. [I]They rode the waves at the beach. [T](literary) The ship rode the waves. [T](US) To ride someone is to try to control them and force them to work.Your boss is riding you much too hard at the moment.If a ship rides out a period of bad weather, it continues to float during it.The ship managed to ride out the storm.(figurative) Many companies did not manage to ride out (= survive during) the recession.(figurative) The Prime Minister is riding (on) a wave of popularity (= is very popular).(informal) If you let something ride, you do not take any action to stop it.If someone is riding for a fall, their behaviour is likely to lead them into trouble.She spends far more than she earns and is riding for a fall.If someone is riding high, they are very successful.Now that he's managing director, he's really riding high.If the success of something rides on something else, it depends on it.The future of the company is riding on the new managing director.I have a lot of money riding on that horse (= I will win or lose money if that horse wins or loses the race).To ride roughshod over someone is to do what you want without giving any attention to other people or their wishes.If an item of clothing rides up, it moves up out of position.His T-shirt rode up when he bent over.Your skirt has ridden up at the back.

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