Meaning of RIDE in English


v. 1 sit on or in, travel or journey or go or proceed on or in, be borne or carried or conveyed (on or in), take; propel or control or drive (a horse or a bicycle or a motor cycle) They ride the bus to work each day The film began with a witch riding a broomstick. Do you know how to ride a motor bike? 2 float, lie The yacht is riding at anchor off Portsmouth 3 tyrannize, terrorize, intimidate, dominate, oppress; bully, rag, harry, harass, hector, nag, provoke, heckle, badger, plague, pester, annoy, irritate, Colloq hassle He has been ridden by obsessive ambition all his life

n. 4 drive, journey, trip, excursion, tour, jaunt, outing, expedition, Colloq spin Let's go for a ride in the country! 5 take for a ride a delude, swindle, trick, deceive, defraud, humbug, defraud, gull, take in, cheat, bamboozle Those tricksters with the loaded dice certainly took Charlie for a ride last night! b (kidnap and) murder or kill or execute or do in, Slang bump off, US (snatch and) rub out or waste: They said that if he identified them, they would take him for a ride

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