Meaning of RIPE in English


[adjective] -r, -st - (of fruit or crops) fully developed ready to be collected or eatenThose bananas aren't ripe yet - they're still green.Fields of ripe wheat were ready for harvesting.If cheese is described as ripe, it has developed a strong, or too strong, flavour.I like ripe cheese - it is best when it's strong and smelly.(figurative) There was a ripe (= strong and unpleasant) smell from his socks.(dated humorous) Language that is ripe is rude.a ripe jokeRipe for means ready for or needing.This country is ripe for change.The company is ripe for takeover.The time is ripe (= It is the right time) to invest/for investing in new technology.My grandmother died at the ripe old age (= great age) of 92.

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