Meaning of RIPE in English


I. ripe adjective


Synonyms: mature 1, adult, full-blown, full-fledged, full-grown, grown, grown-up, matured, ripened

Related Word: seasonable, timely, well-timed; overdue

Contrasted words: callow, crude, raw, rude; immature, unmatured, unmellow

Antonyms: unripe; green


Synonyms: consummate 1, accomplished, finished, perfected, virtuosic


brought by aging to full flavor or the best state

ripe cheese

Synonyms: aged, matured, mellow, ripened

Related Word: ready

Antonyms: unripe

II. ||ripe verb

Synonyms: mature , age, develop, grow, grow up, maturate, mellow, ripen

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