Meaning of ROAD in English


[noun] - a long piece of hard ground that people can drive along from one place to anotherRoads usually have a tarmac surface. [C]We live on a busy/quiet road. [C]Take the next road on the left. [C]There's a bank on the other side of the road. [C]You must always remember to look both ways before crossing the road. [U]The road from here to Adelaide runs/goes through some beautiful countryside. [C]All roads into the town were blocked by the snow. [C]I hate flying so I go everywhere by road or rail. [U]I live (UK and ANZ) in/(US) on Mill Road. [C]My address is 82 Mill Road. [U]I don't like cycling along main roads. [C]I prefer driving along minor roads. [C]Is this the Oxford Road (= the road that goes to Oxford)? [C]Do you have a recent road map?That road sign said 'No Entry'.See picture: RoadsA road accident is an accident involving a vehicle.Most road accidents are caused by people driving too fast.The back roads are the smaller, less busy roads which you can use to avoid travelling along busy major roads.We travelled down to Tours on the back roads.A dirt road is a road with a rough surface made of earth.(US informal) If he would get out of the/my road (= stop blocking my way) I could pass.My car was in the garage for a week, but it's now back on the road (= working again).After two days on the road (= driving for two days), they reached the coast.Most rock groups spend two or three months a year on the road (= travelling to different places to perform).The doctors say she's on the road to (= likely to achieve) recovery.He's on the road to (= likely to achieve) success.(UK) These results show that we are on the right (UK) road/(US) track (= going to be successful).My relationship with Jeannie has come to the end of the road (= finished).(dated) Before I went home, she persuaded me to have one for the road (= an alcoholic drink just before leaving).Someone's road to Damascus is an experience they have had which they consider to be very important and might change their life.Meeting Martin Luther King was a road to Damascus for many people.After a short visit, they took to the road (= began to travel).(informal disapproving) A road hog is a selfish and dangerous driver.Road rage is anger or violence between drivers, often caused by difficult driving conditions.Earlier today a man was arrested for attacking a motorist in a road rage incident.Road safety is teaching people how to behave safely when driving or crossing the road.The government has launched a new road safety campaign in an attempt to reduce the number of road accidents.If you have good road sense, you have the ability to drive carefully or walk carefully and skilfully through traffic.It's not surprising he's had so many accidents, he's got no road sense.In Britain, you must pay road tax on your vehicle before you are allowed to drive it on the roads.If you give a car a road test, you drive it to test its safety or how well it works.(US) A road test is also a test of a driver's ability to control a vehicle, which must be passed in order to obtain official permission to drive.(ANZ) A road toll is the number of people who have died in road accidents.(US) If someone, esp. a sports team, takes a road trip, they travel to other places to play games against other teams or for business reasons.Baltimore won seven of the nine games they played on this three-city road trip.George is on an extensive road trip for his company, covering eight cities in three states.(saying) 'All roads lead to Rome' means that all the methods of doing something will achieve the same result in the end.(saying) 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' means that you must not simply intend to behave well but you must act according to your intentions, because you will have problems or be punished if you do not.

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