Meaning of ROAD in English

n. 1 a a path or way with a specially prepared surface, used by vehicles, pedestrians, etc. b the part of this used by vehicles (don't step in the road). 2 one's way or route (our road took us through unexplored territory). 3 an underground passage in a mine. 4 US a railway. 5 (usu. in pl.) a partly sheltered piece of water near the shore in which ships can ride at anchor. øby road using transport along roads. get out of the (or my etc.) road colloq. cease to obstruct a person. in the (or my etc.) road colloq. obstructing a person or thing. one for the road colloq. a final (esp. alcoholic) drink before departure. on the road travelling, esp. as a firm's representative, itinerant performer, or vagrant. road fund Brit. hist. a fund for the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. road fund licence Brit. a disc displayed on a vehicle certifying payment of road tax. road-hog colloq. a reckless or inconsiderate road-user, esp. a motorist. road-holding the capacity of a moving vehicle to remain stable when cornering at high speeds etc. road-house an inn or club on a major road. road hump = sleeping policeman (see SLEEP). road-manager the organizer and supervisor of a musicians' tour. road-map a map showing the roads of a country or area. road-metal broken stone used in road-making or for railway ballast. road sense a person's capacity for safe behaviour on the road, esp. in traffic. road show 1 a a performance given by a touring company, esp. a group of pop musicians. b a company giving such performances. 2 a radio or television programme done on location. road sign a sign giving information or instructions to road users. road tax a periodic tax payable on road vehicles. road test a test of the performance of a vehicle on the road. road-test test (a vehicle) on the road. the road to the way of getting to or achieving (the road to London; the road to ruin). road train a large lorry pulling one or more trailers. rule of the road the custom or law regulating which side of the road is to be taken by vehicles (also riders or ships) meeting or passing each other. take the road set out. øøroadless adj. [OE rad f. ridan RIDE]

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