Meaning of ROAD in English


I. ˈrōd noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English rood, rode, from Old English rād ride, riding, journey; akin to Middle Dutch rede ride, manner of riding, Old Norse reith vehicle, riding; derivative from the root of Old English rīdan to ride — more at ride

1. obsolete


(1) : the act of riding on a horse

(2) : a journey on horseback

b. : an armed hostile incursion on horseback against a person or place : foray , raid

2. : roadstead — often used in plural

shipping lying in the roads — Mary Johnston

Hampton Roads, Virginia


a. : an open way or public passage for vehicles, persons, and animals : a track for travel or transportation to and fro serving as a means of communication between two places usually having distinguishing names

b. : a public way outside of an urban district : highway — contrasted with street

c. : the part of a thoroughfare over which vehicular traffic moves : the space between curbs : roadway

d. : a vehicular way for local traffic: as

(1) : a private way

(2) : one that is unpaved

(3) : one located in a rural area

e. : street , avenue — used especially in arterial street names


a. : a route followed on a journey : way , path

get out of my road

knew that the Arkansas river, with its tributaries … was the road to the southwest — American Guide Series: Arkansas

b. : the course or route to an end, conclusion, or circumstance

the path of promotion lay through the schools rather than along the road of military service — R.W.Southern

5. : public highways

take to the road

6. : railroad , railway

7. : gangway 4

8. : the places and routes frequented on a tour (as of a theatrical troupe or a sports team)

community theater attempted to fill the need which the professional road either failed to meet or failed to find — W.C.Glackin

- for the road

- on the road

- over the road

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. of a dog : to track (a game bird) by the foot scent

2. : to put or drive onto or carry on a road

III. noun

- down the road

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