Meaning of ROAD in English




a coast road

In summer the coast road is very crowded.

a road bridge (= for cars )

The government plans to construct a new road bridge to the island.

a road map

a road map of Texas

a road race (= when people run, cycle etc on ordinary roads )

She regularly competes in 10 kilometre road races.

a road tunnel

a road tunnel through the mountains

a road/rail/air crash

There will be an investigation into the cause of the air crash.

a road/traffic accident

The number of traffic accidents has gone down.

Portugal has one of Western Europe’s worst road accident rates.

a steep path/road

She stood at the top of the steep path leading down to the beach.

access road

the access road to the farm

approach road

an approach road

be on the road to oblivion (= to be becoming forgotten or unimportant over a fairly long period of time )

Is this ancient tradition on the road to oblivion?

be on the road to ruin (= be certain to happen at some time in the future )

Is America on the road to ruin?

busy road

We live on a very busy road .

by air/sea/land/road/rail etc

All supplies are transported by air.

cross (over) the road/street/river etc

It’s easy to have an accident just crossing the road.

He was hit by a car when he tried to cross over the road near Euston station.

dirt road

divert a river/footpath/road etc

Canals divert water from the Truckee River into the lake.

further down the road (= in the future )

It might be a sign, much further down the road , of a change in policy.

(have) one for the road (= have one last alcoholic drink before you leave a place )

high road

Daley has taken the high road in his campaign.

lonely place/road/spot etc

main road

We live just off the main road.

narrow street/road/path etc

a long narrow road

the narrow passage between the cottage and the house

open road (= a road without traffic where you can drive fast )

The car’s performance is good, especially going fast on the open road .

relief road

an eastern relief road for city traffic

ring road

road atlas

a road atlas of Europe

road casualties

Our aim is to reduce road casualties .

road hog

road manager

road map

a road map to the United States Constitution

road pricing

road pricing schemes for congested cities

road rage

Road rage seems to be on the increase.

road safety (= for people driving and walking on roads )

Extra lighting would improve road safety in this area.

road sign

road tax

road test

All our vehicles are roadtested before they are sold.

road transport

Buses are the safest form of road transport in this country.

road trip

road users

Did you signal to let other road users know you were turning right?

road warrior

rocky road

The company faces a rocky road ahead.

side road

single track road

slip road

the rail/road system (= all the roads or railways in a country )

Traffic problems are made worse by the country’s inadequate road system.

three-lane motorway/highway/road

toll road

trunk road

turn off the road/motorway etc

Mark turned off the highway and into Provincetown.

well-trodden path/road/ground etc

Andrew was on his well-trodden path to conquering another willing lady.




But once you're used to it the bike feels totally comfortable scratching through the twists and turns of back roads .

That afternoon I drove nonstop over the back roads of Ames and Bern townships.

She knew every mile of the back roads to Kells through Kilcock, Trim and Fordstown.

A far better alternative was to walk the back roads and country lanes.

But I slip down a couple of back roads and I find it soon enough.

People always honk at me for that so I try to take the back roads .

But don't get carried away with thoughts of throwing an agile Harley around the back roads .


Read in studio Finally, traffic on a busy road was brought to a standstill this afternoon ... by a train.

My grandparents' village was a small place off the main road , away from busy roads and with no mains services.

It's amazing how many schools that front busy roads have name boards but no notice boards.

You must also choose an area where there is little traffic, with no busy roads nearby.

He stepped on to the busy road and dragged badly injured Scott clear of the traffic.

For this reason, start by choosing a relatively quiet environment rather than a busy road .

Picture the surface of a busy road on a very hot day in summer.

When the youngsters want to go outside and play they have to leave via the backdoor which opens on to a busy road .


We don't want that, and we don't want Gatso speed cameras mounted on lonely moorland roads .

Not even the hint of an antenna is visible from the lonely two-lane public road that passes about a mile away.

This is an insular community, its only link with the rest of the world being the lonely Glenelg road .

They remind you of a bunch of schoolboys wandering down a lonely road , kicking a ball along.

So it was on that fog-bound, lonely London road .

Passersby in Los Angeles left snapdragons on the lonely road where Ennis Cosby was slain by an unknown gunman.

She glanced into the rear-view mirror, convinced that hers was the only car on this lonely road .

Despite cutting back the undergrowth to keep routes open, footpads and other outlaws haunted most lonely stretches of road .


The long wet road , with its facades of dreary little shops, felt empty suddenly, and somehow threatening.

The enclosure turned the Broyle into the landscape of ploughland bisected by long straight roads that it still remains.

Paper poured out in a long road , paved with hieroglyphics.

She knew she had to travel on a long , stony road , without help or sympathy.

Still, there was a long road ahead of me.

It's a long , long road to success.

The house was on a long road that went from pavement to dirt and back to pavement.


Newman spotted the track leading off to the right and swung away from the main road .

And both Yosemite and SequoiaKing National Parks became inaccessible as rising water washed out their main access roads but created new waterfalls.

Had she been coming from London straight to Feliburn she could have stayed on the main road all the way.

He turned into the main road that ran parallel with the unseen river.

Detectives say some one on the main road most have seen the rope being tied in place at about 8.30 p.m. last night.

Within a few yards of the main road , I was in the kind of tangle of narrow streets where the wide-boys operate.

She knew where the track was and she also knew where the main road joined it.

To the south of the camps is the main road from Moscow to Kuibyshev and ultimately to Tashkent.


The place fascinated me - narrow country roads , little lost villages, great shingle beaches and lonely salt marshes.

Sanibel is big-time touristy now, its narrow roads crammed with bicycles, cars, vans, construction equipment and delivery vehicles.

They were back in a narrow country road and there were powerful lights behind them.

She turned and looked up the narrow dirt road .

Three hundred metres down this narrow road , opposite a red sandstone church, are the meadows.

Yet motor traffic too would benefit from these, because cyclists can hold up traffic on narrow , congested roads .

Today a narrow road follows closely the eleven mile perimeter of inlets and bays.

The engine was started up, revving violently as the car was turned round on the narrow road .


Soon it will be strong enough for vehicles, and a new road system will open.

We can and will build new roads , new shopping malls and multiplexes.

Where new road patterns or a new shopping centre affect trade, appeal.

Is this bridleway to run alongside this new road ?

The new road is a dual 2-lane carriageway, 9.3 metres wide incorporating 1-metre-wide hard strips at each edge.

Spending on new roads has increased by a third since 1979, and is planned to double again.

It was, of course, laudable to clear the rookeries; essential to drive new roads through slum areas.

In recent years a new coastal road has been built from Ribeira Brava to Tabua.


On the open road , it's no use pretending that the Bentley handles with the agility of a Porsche.

We ate in the fields or on the open road .

If your equipment has to go outside on open roads or gravelled surfaces, remember castors are not always suitable.

The current barrier was installed in 1972, after residents submitted a petition saying the open road caused traffic hazards.

Daniel Boone heard it: the siren song of the open road , beckoning him to pack up and go.

Do you relish the prospect of the open road ?

Racing on open roads was subsequently banned and the great Paris races came to an end.



Car drivers will now have to negotiate the dangers of an access road hidden by a bend on a hill.

Only by driving down the restricted and guarded government access road leading to the site can one see the valley of antennas.

The path to the left leads to the Old Ing farm access road above High Birkwith.

And both Yosemite and SequoiaKing National Parks became inaccessible as rising water washed out their main access roads but created new waterfalls.

Would follow a route east of the existing road , bypassing local communities and leaving A701 as a quiet access road.

Local or access roads , or on-ramps, simplify linkages between businesses, schools, and homes to the communications backbone.

Included in this area is a temporary access road from the B1348 coast road to the beach.

Never drive unaccompanied on quarry access roads , used by marble-transporting trucks.


Tracing witnesses Unfortunately, in road accident cases, advertising for witnesses rarely produces results.

This area was specifically targeted because of the high level of involvement of people living there in road accidents .

Jasper had been in a road accident a few months before the diagnosis.

Of course, road accidents and pedestrian tumbles would also increase alarmingly as wind-blown polymer dust spread round the locality.

Report on the potential of a short video to demonstrate the importance of accuracy in collecting road accident information.

In 1987 Mr Keyse was disabled in a road accident while returning home from a day's work at Llanfair Caereinion station.


The road , narrow as any country road, was a single-lane journey for any vehicle.

She was later picked up on a country road by a passing citizen, police said.

Even without tolls, country roads are likely to be three times as busy in 2025 as they are today.

The Sunday morning crash happened near a country road about 25 miles southwest of Portland.

He pressed his foot down, sped along the country road which was free of other traffic.

As an illustration, imagine a child walking down a country road with his father.

Some of these visitors will be unaccustomed to country roads and to the hazards of walking along a road with no footpath.

There were kids traveling to and from school down the country road through the woods.


Landmines hidden in the dirt roads are the weapons the farmers hate most.

We were a mile down a dirt road .

After that it's a dirt road , but fairly new.

We were bumping along a dirt road when a storm gathered dark clouds above us.

We reached Ebenat after a four-hour drive along dirt roads from the town of Gondar.

Nearby, blue-painted rocks are strewn on the dirt road known as the Gravel Pit.

We came on to the dirt road and a woman in a fluttering robe of pale pink organza walked towards us.

Every now and then a car rumbled over the bumpy dirt road , leaving behind a whirl of white dust.


All I had for guidance was Donald's photocopied road map .

Hey, Willie, how about sending down a busload of Muni drivers who can read a road map ?

They're not like road maps , more a kind of spiritual map, showing significant places.

It is a low-risk, high-reward chance for you to see if your road map works.

And that leaves out Path statements that read like a road map of your hard disk.

By comparison, the performance pattern of management, sales, and manufacturing amounted to a virtual road map for disaster.

Strong alternatives include: Using new technology can be like following a complicated road map .

A road map of his travels up and down the West.


All the good spots are close to the ring road .

I stayed with him in the heavy traffic round the ring road , skirting the city centre and out towards Bingley.

Access at the bottom of Tubwell Row to the ring road might have to be controlled by traffic lights.

Nine tenths of the Leicester ring road is finished and has been for some years.

She fills up with petrol on the ring road .

Back beside the ring road and the footbridge.

It is so obvious that they should all stay outside the ring road except for the bus station where they would all terminate.


Roads minister Kenneth Carlisle unveiled the measures after six months of consultation with road safety groups.

Libraries are also being targeted and static displays are being used to highlight road safety .

Where needed the Police are supplying road safety literature, advice and instruction.

Diabetes can cause road safety problems.

He has been chairman of the road safety committee since 1986.

This weekend road safety officers will offer free checks at a car safety centre in Milton Keynes.


Pulling out of side roads when it is not safe to do so.

The side roads are for locals and tourists; these big dudes are made for voyagers.

An escape route may be a back door, a side road or a low wall fronting a garden.

They vowed that the side roads would be clear by this morning.

The Jaguar slowed down and he pulled off the main highway into a side road .

I only know it was somewhere in a side road , where Highway i comes into Saigon.

He didn't see who was in the car and it went up a side road .

He shone his hand-lamp into the car and then, without speaking, opened the gate across a side road .


This happened to me on the Seven Mile Straight at recently, a lorry coming in the opposite direction in spite of road signs .

Through our windshields we see road signs and tail-lights-technology has blinkered us.

Takes minutes to drive 6 miles into centre of Bideford due to endlessness of roads and imbecilic road signs .

Drop the requirement for use of the metric system on road signs .

It didn't say Blackberry Hill anywhere, there was just an old-fashioned road sign saying Broughton Street was four miles away.

Mammoth road signs do their best to ensure that such oversights do not occur.

Fisher's study also suggested that recall was not a good measure of whether a road sign had been heeded.


After much deliberation, six horse-drawn vehicles were selected to complement the existing road transport collections.

Other agreements were concluded concerning border crossings, agricultural, scientific and cultural co-operation, recognition of educational qualifications and road transport .

Section 8 grants A road haulage business seeking to expand need not restrict itself entirely to the road transport industry.

This stopped after the bad winter of 1962-3 in the face of increasing competition from road transport on the new motorway system.

The biggest growth in carbon dioxide emissions, implicated in the major problem confronting humanity's survival, is from road transport .

Sea, inland waterway, and road transport came under the control of the Commissariat as well as the railways.

Cost benefit analysis particularly in conjunction with road transport .

Unless you specialize in this form of road transport , you are likely to fall outside the strict confines of statutory regulations.


The Bucks concluded a four-game road trip with a 1-3 record.

She has a short ruse anyway; road trips make it shorter.

For example, what year was the road trip ?

This is Jess's last road trip , her final four Pac-10 games.

To be sure, too much detail would detract from the ritual of the road trip / quest myth.

He also did not accompany the team when it left for Pittsburgh last night for a five-day, two-game road trip .

Cal and Stanford so far have tried, and failed, to sweep the Washington road trip .


The school is situated half way between Maidstone and Ashford on the A20 trunk road .

By 1676 it was part of the main Oxford to Coventry road and of course remains as a major trunk road today.

Yet, on minor roads as well as trunk roads, studies find that standards are declining.

It enables continued good progress on the A74 and further improvements to the M8 and other trunk roads and local roads.

Why not a cost-benefit analysis of trunk roads ?

Patching the cracks and filling in the potholes falls to the County Council everywhere except trunk roads and motorways.

Some 40 new ones will be opened by 1995 on trunk road alone.

This completes the link between the A8 and the A1 trunk roads .



They were opposing the building of a road over a burial site.

When Brown built a plank road from his hotel to the Falls, Forsyth ripped it up.

We are going to build roads !

Training an animal is like building a road .

Congress also voted to assign the customs from the ports of San BIas and Mazatlan to build roads from them to Guadalajara.

We will investigate ways of speeding up, within the Department of Transport, the procedures for building new roads .

During the occupation, the army trained a military, built roads , and opened schools.


At present, bears regularly cross the little-used road at several points.

In that one, a chicken crosses a road to get to a Budweiser.

Spouthouse Aqueduct crosses a minor road , by which stand Dyas Take Away and a supermarket.

David, crossed by several roads . 6.

The children can walk to school without crossing a road anywhere.

They cross roads diagonally, walk in front of parked cars and forget to look in more than one direction at junctions.

He was hit by a truck as he crossed a road in Auckland.


It will drive people on to the roads .

For a while he drove the winding club roads , past the wrecked tennis courts, the empty swimming pool.

At first there was silence as they drove along the quiet road , simply enjoying being close to each other.

When you drive in, the road narrows, the metal guard rail is replaced by a hand laid rock wall.

He made his case in the car, driving the dark road .

It was, of course, laudable to clear the rookeries; essential to drive new roads through slum areas.

For hours we drove on roads which Rand McNally &038; Company considers unworthy of notice.


Strong alternatives include: Using new technology can be like following a complicated road map.

They expected that the orders to buy junk bonds would soon follow their road show.

The route follows minor roads , woodland paths, paths across fields and cliff-tops as you cross Whitecliff Bay to reach Sandown.

A just imam must follow the road already laid out which leads the community to happiness on earth and in the Beyond.


Gina Coulstock, 18, stumbled, fell heavily and was knocked out when she hit the road .

After fifteen minutes of rough riding, we finally hit a macadam road not completely parked over with cars for the concert.

So next time you hit the road make sure it doesn't hit back.

Travelers will find it more comfortable and interesting to hit the road this year.

Read in studio Well it's time now to hit the road with the London Sydney car marathon.

We packed up and hit the road .

And that, say police, is the reason why so many cyclists are hit on the roads .

Time to hit the road again.


When he got outside he turned to the right, up to the mountain road leading to his home.

Veer left and left again, passing the road that leads into Fish Canyon.

Along the road leading to it were many altars and shrines and there are also remains which could belong to a theatre.

All roads led back to Jessica.

He drove out of Grantley and along the road that led to the village of Woodham.

Only by driving down the restricted and guarded government access road leading to the site can one see the valley of antennas.

I never doubted that I was on a road that led somewhere.

A well-graded road leads south, over a bridge, crosses the freeway and continues into the desert.


Spurred on by a new hope, she ran across the road and scrambled up the smooth grassy side of the hillock.

The four desperadoes took off after us, running up the road as their gun barrels glinted in the light.

Peter Beard chased and arrested McKitten after he was almost run off the road .

It shared them with the rickety railway line which ran parallel to the road .

The harpies from Paris running the road houses which must inevitably multiply will be a worse scourge than the mosquitoes.

The last they ever saw of him, he was running up the road holding his guts in.

We crawled out of the drain, saw the coast clear, and ran down the road together.

With the light, it feels colder and I run down the road a bit to warm myself up.


Horowitz watched it turn on to the road and vanish.

He reached a gate and turned from the road .

The jeep reached the River Orne and we turned off the road on to a narrow path just wide enough for the jeep.

By now we were close to my farm, coasting down off the ridge, the headlights turning the gravel road white.

He hurried on, sighting Clare and Underwood in the distance just turning off the main road up the hill.

They turned off the B road at the junction and drove down the narrow track to the cottages.

At Gédre, you can turn off the Gavarnie road to the east and drive up to the alternative Cirque de Troumouse.


I was always a stick walking down the road with a flat chest.

He grew frightened for her and walked down the road in the direction she should be coming from.

I was walking along the road and all of a sudden this police car drew up beside me.

When we got in the Mekong, soldiers were walking on the road and they saw us.

So a television picture changed at the same time as you saw your ex-lover walking down the road opposite.

Captain Samphan was walking fast across the road in the middle distance, ordering some of the troops into the paddy field.

I had been walking him around the roads for a couple of weeks and couldn't wait to have him fit again.

They walked back to the road .


a road map to peace

a road map to sth

back street/lane/road etc

A far better alternative was to walk the back roads and country lanes.

And this was how many such agents lived, in rooms in the back streets of cities.

I have found one must speak slowly to people who live in the back streets of London.

Iain and Tommy drank together on the back streets of Pinner.

Now they left the main road for the quieter, dimmer back streets.

People always honk at me for that so I try to take the back roads.

That afternoon I drove nonstop over the back roads of Ames and Bern townships.

The back lane, roughly on the line of the original through road, is exactly that.

fast road

But at the summit there's a fast road down if you take yourself too seriously.

Gone is the wide fast road and its dangerous crossing, where the stripes gave walkers a false sense of security.

Wear a helmet, especially if using fast roads.

hit the road/trail

Doogie allowed himself a small smile of satisfaction as Shifty-Eyes hit the road, then he turned and grabbed Pointy-Beard's tie.

Gina Coulstock, 18, stumbled, fell heavily and was knocked out when she hit the road.

Read in studio Well it's time now to hit the road with the London Sydney car marathon.

So next time you hit the road make sure it doesn't hit back.

Time to hit the road again.

Travelers will find it more comfortable and interesting to hit the road this year.

Tyros get kick-started by taking shoeless jaunts around their house, back yard and neighborhood before hitting the trail.

We packed up and hit the road.

hold the road

Lucker has difficulty holding the road.

let's get this show on the road

rail/road/telephone etc link

Excellent road and rail links make access easy from all parts of the country.

However, outlying villages had been attacked and the city's rail link with Phnom Penh was frequently severed.

In many cases they have the public on their side as the recent furore over the rail links with London has demonstrated.

Newby is a quiet village between the busy A65 and the old road linking Ingleton and Clapham with road access to both.

The houses will be for people who have to move out of Bentham Drive to make way for a new rail link .

Through the World's Edge Mountains great fortified underground roads linked their underground cities.

When it was first launched in 1982 a Minitel terminal consisted of a small monitor with a keyboard and a telephone link .

Will he take note of the campaign to sink the link , as the channel tunnel rail link passes Gravesend and Northfleet?

road to Damascus

road-rage/air-rage etc

stick to the path/road etc

For now she stuck to the road which took her to the right, towards the sea.

So please stick to the path at this site and hopefully nothing else will need to be done.

They clung to the towns, venturing out only by day, their big battalions sticking to the roads.

take the (moral) high road

Daley has taken the high road in his campaign, trying to ignore Merriam's attacks.

Instead, I decided to take the high road.

Read in studio Still to come on Central News, taking the high road.

She was at least making the attempt to take the high road, only to run into a dead end.

the bottom of a road/garden etc

the end of the road/line

Monday's loss was the end of the line for Martin, who finished third in the tournament.

At the end of the line, the local authority careers service is called in to rescue what remains of this shambles.

At the end of the road, a four-foot-tall rock cairn stands between us and the beach.

Disappointed, I dragged myself to the end of the line.

For river people all along the Missouri and Mississippi valleys, Fort Benton was the end of the line.

Had the mighty champions really reached the end of the road?

Hop on over to the end of the road and give her a tinkle.

The sale marks the end of the line for the 61-year-old chain, which has had a rocky recent history.

This is the end of the road for Pharaoh and his people.

through road

I know its London shrieks and shuffles as it rushes through road canyons and around the sharp edges of tall buildings.

The back lane, roughly on the line of the original through road, is exactly that.

The old lane was in use down to comparatively recent times as a through road from Northampton to Banbury.

The original through road is still in existence at the top and the bottom of the picture.


a small Texas road

A widow lives in the house just across the road .

As you leave the city, turn right and take the road to Madrid.

Before crossing the road , stop, look, and listen.

I like driving on the French roads - they're so straight, and there isn't much traffic.

I live at 37 King's Road , Birmingham.

I went to the girls' school down the road .

It's amazing how many schools front busy roads.

Route 66 used to be one of the main roads across the States.

Something was lying in the gutter by the side of the road .

Susie used to live on this road .

They're building a new road around the city centre.

They turned left at the gas station, into the busy main road .


A recent major study of traffic problems in the Edinburgh area recognised road safety as a major factor for consideration.

All three hurried round the side of the house and issued through the gates on to the road .

I argued with him in the road .

On the way I noticed that the pavement swayed from side to side and the road heaved up and down.

Set on the main road - 15 minutes walk from the resort centre, local buses stop nearby.

So on their trip to the Coast empty they picked up everybody on the road .

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