Meaning of SEED in English


(PLANT) [noun] [C] - a small esp. round or oval object which forms inside a fruit or the case of a vegetable such as a bean and from which, when it is planted, a new plant can growSow parsley seeds now, covering them with a little soil.The chemical will stop all seeds from sprouting for the rest of the year.(figurative) Revolutions often contain within themselves the seeds (= beginning) of future disaster.(figurative) He may be sowing the seeds of (= creating the reasons for) his own destruction in the long term by using violence against his own people.(figurative) The seeds of friendship were sown early, and they remained lifelong companions.(specialized) Seed is an amount of seeds.Fresh seed of hardy primulas can be sown outside now.Keep the sown seed at a steady 21°C until germination.The farmers grow these crops for seed (= for planting to grow more crops, rather than for eating).Write to the address below for a free seed catalogue.If a plant, esp. one which is grown for food, goes/runs to seed it produces flowers and seeds because it has not been picked early enough.In the hot weather the lettuces suddenly ran to seed.When we got home from holiday the onions had gone to seed.(figurative) After he retired he really went to seed (= stopped caring for his appearance).Seed is also (US informal) for semen.Seed corn is grain which is kept for planting to produce new plants, or (figurative) something which is important because it is the starting point for future development(figurative) Investment is the seed corn of economic progress.(US and ANZ) Seed money is money used to start a development or activity.Seed potatoes are potatoes which are planted so that a plant will grow and more potatoes will be produced.

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