Meaning of SEED in English


I. noun (plural ~ or ~s) see: sow Date: before 12th century 1. a. the grains or ripened ovules of plants used for sowing, the fertilized ripened ovule of a flowering plant containing an embryo and capable normally of germination to produce a new plant, a propagative animal structure:, milt , semen , a small egg (as of an insect), a developmental form of a lower animal suitable for transplanting, the condition or stage of bearing ~ , progeny , a source of development or growth ; germ , something (as a tiny particle or a bubble in glass) that resembles a ~ in shape or size, a competitor who has been ~ed in a tournament , ~ adjective ~ed adjective ~less adjective ~like adjective II. verb Date: 14th century intransitive verb to bear or shed ~, to sow ~ ; plant , transitive verb 1. to plant ~s in ; sow , to furnish with something that causes or stimulates growth or development, inoculate , to supply with nuclei (as of crystallization or condensation), to cover or permeate by or as if by scattering something , plant 1a, to extract the ~s from (as raisins), 4. to schedule (tournament players or teams) so that superior ones will not meet in early rounds, to rank (a contestant) relative to others in a tournament on the basis of previous record

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