Meaning of SEED in English


I. noun


grass seed

Now is the best time to plant grass seed.

seed capital

seed corn

Young people are the seed corn management of the future.

seed money

seed pearl

seed tray (= a tray in which you plant seeds )

sowing the seeds of

repressive laws that are sowing the seeds of future conflicts

terminator seed




In the other semi-final top seed Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen will face compatriot Peter Espersen.

Georgetown was a top seed that finished the season ranked first.

Seeded three, she defeated top seed Amanda Wainwright 7-6, 7-6.

Hingis, the 17-year-old top seed , defeated Natasha Zvereva 4-6, 6-1, 6-4.

It was Bates' toughest test in the competition so far which has seen other top seed tumble in the early stages.

He is in the same half of the draw as top seed Peter Marshall, the world number five.

The first 15 included ten starting outside the top seed and nine different nations.

The 32-player tournament is Korda's first as a top seed and he admitted the pressure affected him.



It may be that a grass seed has penetrated between the paws.

The prairie seed mix was dry and fluffy-like grass seed.

And we can plant grass seed .

Standing in his yard and flinging grass seed , he doubted anything would grow there.


They're out looking for seed money and a board now with a deadline of December.


He is more of a gardener, watering seeds-#mustard seeds.

Brown mustard seeds are easier to harvest and therefore are widely used in prepared mustards.

The gospels commend faith the size of a grain of mustard seed .

Cut remaining 2 tablespoons butter into bits and whisk into sauce along with mustard seed .

The mustard seed is the smallest seed of all, but when it is planted it grows into a tree.

Add the mustard seeds , herbs and salt and pepper; mix well.

The ingredients of this particular concoction included garlic, mustard seed , tamarind and cream of tartar.


She shall go all in grey and you shall lend her your seed pearls .

He bought her a ring, with little seed pearls and a sapphire.


Mix breadcrumbs, sesame seeds and almonds.

All morning we seeded beans and corn, threshed sesame seeds and transplanted young peppers.

Neutrogena natural sesame seed Body Oil is non-greasy.

In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together, except the sesame seeds , and stir until well-blended.

I also visited a cooperative of peasant farmers who grow sesame seed .

Sprinkle evenly with sesame seeds , pressing lightly to make them adhere.

Place the flour, sesame seeds and salt in a large mixing bowl.

Serve immediately, sprinkled with sesame seeds if desired. 6 to 8 appetizer servings.


Because polyanthus are more difficult to germinate, start them off in seed trays or pots in a greenhouse or cold frame.

Use a small split cane the width of the seed tray to make a series of depressions in the levelled compost.



And if it does, its own activity carries within it the seeds of its own self-balancing.

It is unfortunately true that labor, even in any department, may possibly carry with it the seeds of unhealthiness.

If modernization carries the seeds of freedom, then modernization will have to wait!

Birds carry seeds away, too.

Insects pollinate them, birds and animals carry their seeds in their guts and on their fur and feathers.

And so Johnny Appleseed carried seeds with him around the country, until he died.

It is beginning to look as if he also carries within him a seed of self-destruction.

Thus expanded negative reproduction carries with it the seeds of revolution.


It makes the tragedy even more complete, yet at the same time contains the seeds of hope.

In fact, it would seem to contain the seeds from which corrupt marketing practices grow.

In this sense such systems contain the seeds of their own destruction.

But the task force contained the seeds of its own destruction.

But innocence, in Malouf's stories, always contains the seeds of experience.

The very behaviors that gay activists had spent years promoting seemed to have contained the seeds of disaster.

Indeed, they contain the seed of a massive oak tree of nonsense.

Every success contains the seeds of its own overthrow.


The grass, grown from seed , just held its own against the weeds.

Political passion does not grow from seeds as dry as these.

If the soil is not right then the seeds will not grow .

The produce is grown from varietal seeds chosen for flavor, not longevity.

With all the new and reintroduced varieties now on the market there has never been a better time to grow from seed .

Unlike hybrid strawberries, these can be grown from seed .

We cut grass with a ride-on mower and dead head if not growing for seed .


If there was one she could plant these seeds .

Q: About a year ago, I planted some star fruit seeds .

Presenting original ideas in notes is like planting seeds in a garden, Cooley says.

He wandered along the brighter corridors near Nettles looking for a good place to plant his seeds .

As Secretary of the Treasury you planted the seeds for the most far-reaching tax reform in our history.

Over the past two springs between 500 and 600 farmers have unwittingly planted the contaminated seed bought from a company called Advanta.

Discontent in women interested him; it gave him a conversational opening, a place to plant his seeds of compassion.


The velvety-brown cylinders towards the top of the stems are the female flowers which also produce the seeds .

They flower abundantly and produce seeds .

But the solution to every crisis seems to produce the seeds of the next.

They may also flower under water and produce seeds there.

Thus, grass grows asexual runners to propagate locally but commits its sexually produced seeds to the wind to travel farther.

Oil producing seeds pressed together produce a solid cake that animals - particularly cattle - can eat.

Given that pollen is lighter than seed , a flower that produces only seed can have only local offspring.


As with the previous two it can be raised from seed .

This allows you to raise your own seeds , over-winter houseplants and propagate.

Garden flowers received little attention at Thorndon, although asters were raised from seeds sent by Bartram.

The school adopted the wood four years ago and since then pupils have been collecting and raising local seeds for replanting.

Many herbs can be raised from seed .

Cyclamen may also be raised from seed sown now in pots and pans and put outside in a shaded cold frame.


Peel the melon, remove the seeds and slice the flesh.

Core all the peppers but keep the red peppers whole, removing the seeds from the center.

Cut the pepper in half lengthways and remove seeds and stem.

Cut the yellow peppers into strips, removing all the seeds .

Cut open the chillis and remove the seeds .

Peel peppers and remove stems, seeds and veins.


Parents and teachers soon caught the planting mania, and saved seeds from their salads.

We have always used home-#saved seed where we can.

Not surprisingly, from his hot seat, the trade view of home-#saved seeds is rather different.

An individual farmer can produce good farm-#saved seed only by incurring costs very close to the price of certified seed.

Nasturtiums and Virginian stocks are examples of annuals that should produce worthwhile plants if you save the seed .

But extinction is for ever and it doesn't do the world much good to save a seed for a year or two.

Glucosinolates are the main consideration when saving rape seed .

What's the best way to protect profits being eroded by farm-\#saved seed ?


Groundwork Prepare a really fine seedbed and sow the seeds thinly to avoid unnecessary thinning.

To some extent, the rally at the beginning of the year sowed the seeds for its own destruction.

We have already sown the seeds of what needs to be done to bring about job regeneration in my area.

Even so, the repression of each revolt inspired later uprisings, sowing the seeds of future resistance.

Trying to conceal and sow the seeds of discontent.

Whoever sowed the seed , the conference was due to meet within a few hours.

He sows seeds of confusion by way of a million opinions on every subject within its covers.


spread seeds/manure/fertilizer


And what about the seeds of your other garden plants?

Arizona seed growers suspect the infestation may widen because the state ships its seed to many other states and countries.

Brussels sprouts in browned butter with caraway seeds.

Firstly we need some seeds to grow our garden plants from.

It is begun from a seed and all the characteristics that it can evolve are predetermined and contained within the seed.

Saving seed can help balance the books, but it's not to be undertaken lightly.

II. verb


Add 2 green peppers, seeded and sliced.


And how incredibly generous this man was; he seeded friendships that still write the history of the West.

Plants had already seeded in crevices around the foundations, preparing to take over the instant man's will failed.

Taking all this into account, we have to ask why the extraterrestrials should be remotely interested in seeding distant planets.

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