Meaning of SEED in English


Synonyms and related words :

Anlage, acorn, affiliation, androcyte, antheridium, antherozoid, apparentation, basis, bed, berry, bird seed, birth, blood, bloodline, branch, breed, broadcast, brood, bud, bulb, cause, children, common ancestry, conceit, concept, conception, consanguinity, core, corm, decay, decline, degenerate, derivation, descendants, descent, deteriorate, dibble, direct line, disseminate, distaff side, distribute, drill, egg, embryo, extraction, family, female line, filiation, flaxseed, forest, fruit, germ, germen, go downhill, go to pot, grain, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, grounds, hayseed, heirs, hostages to fortune, house, image, implant, impression, inheritors, inseminate, issue, kernel, kids, line, line of descent, lineage, linseed, little ones, loins, male gamete, male line, milt, motivation, motive, new generation, notion, nucleus, nut, offspring, origin, ovule, ovum, phylum, pip, pit, pitch, plant, pollen, posterity, pot, progeniture, progeny, protein, provocation, put in, race, reason, reforest, reset, retimber, rising generation, root, rudiment, run down, scatter, scatter seed, scum, seed down, semen, seminal fluid, seminate, sept, set, side, sons, source, sow, sow broadcast, spark, spear side, sperm, sperm cell, spermagonium, spermatic fluid, spermatid, spermatiophore, spermatium, spermatocyte, spermatogonium, spermatophore, spermatozoa, spermatozoid, spermatozoon, spindle side, spore, stem, stirps, stock, stone, strain, succession, successors, sword side, transplant, treasures, tuber, young, younglings, youngsters

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .