Meaning of SEED in English


n. & v.

n. 1 a a flowering plant's unit of reproduction (esp. in the form of grain) capable of developing into another such plant. b seeds collectively, esp. as collected for sowing (is full of seed; to be kept for seed). 2 a semen. b milt. 3 (foll. by of) prime cause, beginning, germ (seeds of doubt). 4 archaic offspring, progeny, descendants (the seed of Abraham). 5 Sport a seeded player. 6 a small seedlike container for the application of radium etc. 7 a seed crystal.

v. 1 tr. a place seeds in. b sprinkle with or as with seed. 2 intr. sow seeds. 3 intr. produce or drop seed. 4 tr. remove seeds from (fruit etc.). 5 tr. place a crystal or crystalline substance in (a solution etc.) to cause crystallization or condensation (esp. in a cloud to produce rain). 6 tr. Sport a assign to (a strong competitor in a knockout competition) a position in an ordered list so that strong competitors do not meet each other in early rounds (is seeded seventh). b arrange (the order of play) in this way. 7 intr. go to seed. go (or run) to seed 1 cease flowering as seed develops. 2 become degenerate, unkempt, ineffective, etc. raise up seed archaic beget children. seed-bed 1 a bed of fine soil in which to sow seeds. 2 a place of development. seed-cake cake containing whole seeds esp. of caraway as flavouring. seed-coat the outer integument of a seed. seed-corn 1 good quality corn kept for seed. 2 assets reused for future profit or benefit. seed crystal a crystal used to initiate crystallization. seed-eater a bird (esp. a finch) living mainly on seeds. seed-fish a fish that is ready to spawn. seed-leaf a cotyledon. seed-lip a basket for seed in sowing by hand. seed money money allocated to initiate a project. seed-pearl a very small pearl. seed-plot a place of development. seed-potato a potato kept for seed. seed-time the sowing season. seed-vessel a pericarp. seedless adj.

[ OE s‘d f. Gmc, rel. to SOW(1) ]

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