Meaning of SHAVE in English

[verb] - to remove (hair) from (the body, esp. a man's face) by cutting it close to the skin with a razor or shaver, so that the skin feels smoothJohn needs to shave (= remove the hair from his face) twice a day. [I]The barber will shave you (= remove the hair from your face) as well as cut your hair, if you want. [T]"It's easier if you shave your legs in the bath," she said. [T]Do you shave under your arms? [I]When my dad shaved his beard (off), he looked ten years younger. [T or M]If you shave an amount off/from an object or surface, you cut a very thin piece from it.She shaved a few millimetres off the bottom of the door, so that it would open more easily.To shave something by an amount, or shave an amount off something, is to reduce it by that amount.Our prices have been shaved by 5%!The new high speed trains will shave 25 minutes off the journey time (= reduce it by 25 minutes).

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