Meaning of SHAVE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ʃeɪv ]

( shaves, shaving, shaved)


When a man shaves , he removes the hair from his face using a razor or shaver so that his face is smooth.

He took a bath and shaved before dinner...

He had shaved his face until it was smooth...

It’s a pity you shaved your moustache off.

VERB : V , V n , V n with off

Shave is also a noun.

He never seemed to need a shave.


• shav‧ing

...a range of shaving products.



If someone shaves a part of their body, they remove the hair from it so that it is smooth.

Many women shave their legs...

If you have long curly hair, don’t shave it off.

VERB : V n , V n with off


If you shave someone, you remove the hair from their face or another part of their body so that it is smooth.

The doctors shaved his head...

She had to call a barber to shave him.

VERB : V n , V n


If you shave off part of a piece of wood or other material, you cut very thin pieces from it.

I set the log on the ground and shaved off the bark...

She was shaving thin slices off a courgette.

VERB : V n with off , V n off n


If you shave a small amount off something such as a record, cost, or price, you reduce it by that amount.

She’s already shaved four seconds off the national record for the mile...

Supermarket chains have shaved prices.

VERB : V n off/from n , V n


see also shaving


If you describe a situation as a close shave , you mean that there was nearly an accident or a disaster but it was avoided.

I can’t quite believe the close shaves I’ve had just recently.

PHRASE : N inflects

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