Meaning of SPREAD in English


[noun] [U]The spread of AIDS in the last few years has been alarming.The spread of something is the area or range covered by it.The survey found a wide spread of opinion over the proposed new building.In a newspaper or magazine, a spread is a large article or advertisement covering one or more pages.There's a double-page spread on the latest fashions.A spread is a soft food for putting on bread and biscuits.cheese/chocolate/fish spread [U]There's bread and various spreads for tea. [C]Spread is also US for ranch (= a large farm on which cattle and horses are kept).(UK and ANZ dated) A spread is also a meal, esp. one for a special occasion with a lot of different dishes arranged on a table.Sheila laid on/(UK also) put on (= made) a lovely spread for us.

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