Meaning of TRUTH in English


[noun] [U] - the quality of being trueThere would seem to be some truth in what she says.There is no truth in the reports of his resignation.You cannot question the truth of his alibi.The suggestion that the gun was fired accidentally seems to contain at least a grain of (= a small amount of) truth.The truth is the real facts about a situation, event or person.I don't think you're telling us the whole truth.Will we ever know the truth about/of what happened on that day?It might be difficult to discover the truth about your parents' identities.I told her it didn't matter that she couldn't come to the meeting, but to tell (you) the truth/(formal slightly dated) truth to tell (= really) I was really very annoyed.(formal) The expression in truth is used to show or emphasize that something is true.In truth we feared for her safety although we didn't let it be known.(saying) 'Truth is stranger than fiction' means that strange things often happen in real life.(saying) 'Truth will out' means that the truth will always be discovered.

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