Meaning of TRUTH in English




a kernel of truth

There may be a kernel of truth in what he says.

grain of truth

There is a grain of truth in all folklore and legend.

home truth

It’s time someone told him a few home truths .

tell the truth

‘I’m telling you the truth,’ she persisted.

the painful truth

We won’t be able to keep the painful truth from the children.

the plain truth

I don’t know, and that’s the plain truth .

the sad truth

The sad truth is that the new law will not deter criminals.

the whole truth

It was months before the whole truth came out.

told...a few home truths

It’s time someone told him a few home truths .

truth drug

truth emerged

Eventually the truth emerged .

universal truth

a universal truth

unpalatable truth

The unpalatable truth is that the team isn’t getting any better.




The value of the political talks so far has been to expose three basic truths .

Communism forgot that basic truth and the system collapsed.

There is a basic truth in his assertion, for before his time the use of marble was rare in Roman architecture.

What have been taught as their basic truths seem no longer to hold.

Another over-eager cat has discovered one of the basic truths of garden life: never try to kill a toad.

Such leaders understand very basic truths about human beings.

And if religion was rational, and basic truths were plain, what justification could there be for compulsion?

It is only the basic spiritual truths which surface time and again, expressed through different idioms.


Even Plato was closer to the truth than you and yours, Gilbert.

They can get closer to the truth .

The latter would seem to be closer to the truth .


Anselm carried into politics his search for an eternal order of truth and justice, unshakeable and subject to no alteration.

I simply thought this was an inviolate, eternal truth .

Secondly, their eyes are on eternal truth , of which each party deems itself the sole defender.


Emotionally, nothing could be further from the truth .

Nothing could be further from the truth , and, indeed, that is where lies the whole trouble with modern living.

Nothing was further from the truth .

It is important to remember that nothing could be further from the truth .

If so, he couldn't be further from the truth .

I thought I would have plenty of other opportunities but nothing could have been further from the truth .


The plain truth was that he hadn't witnessed what was going on behind him.

The whole place was undeniably fouled; but there was another plain truth which was worse than this: she was home.

In one way, the plain , unvarnished truth .

That is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth .

But the plain truth is that we can not say what was really done for the children or what the results were.

But they contain more plain truth than he is able to recognise.


But the sad truth is that words are all that Labour has while the Tories rule.

The dates reflect a sad truth .

The sad truth is that the average collector is unlikely to recover more than the most fragmentary remains of dinosaurs.

The sad truth is that this source of power is already nearly tapped out.

The sad truth is to tackle these subjects you have to be more than just willing, you have to be shite-hot.

The sad truth is that conservatives flagrantly and lasciviously Frenchkissed those elements.

The sad truth is that doctors who spend careers in research may forgo huge incomes from private practice.

The sad truth is that Rosewood was not an isolated incident.


Even so, it took me till I got to my own house to realise the very simple truth .

The simple truths according to Marx and Lenin are now crowded by doubts.

No-one wanted to believe the simple truth .

And once again, the extraordinarily simple underlying truths about this problem have been obscured by political bombast.

The simple truth is you don't need to know that much to find your way around.

One of the simplest truths about history is that progress is not linear.

Certainly it misses the simple truth of patience.

John Arlott's armour was his honest thought and simple truth .


What Turing showed is that this is not a universal truth .

Awareness becomes heightened, and everyday domestic dramas unfold into staggering universal truths .

Yet we find it difficult to take these definitive events and state categorically that they are universal truths for women engineers.

A universal truth has to be digested and made part of our thinking and understanding.

He was about to learn a universal truth of professional journalism.


Telling the whole truth about the Ayr salmon, rather than letting me off the hook, only improved the tale.

That happens to be the whole truth .

All true, but not the whole truth .

In ethics cases, it means the truth is never the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If you choose me then you have to tell me the whole truth - who your accomplice is.

At the center, however, we were determined to tell the whole truth from first to last.

Few biologists doubt that this is part of the truth , but is it the whole truth?

Rather, he is acting from a deep sense of respect for the whole truth .



In the second extract he might have been risking telling a home truth to his government.

Maybe we should listen to our friends when they tell us a few home truths .

Expect home truths from a youngster or relative on Sunday.

She'd tell him a few home truths about his condescending, heartless, authoritarian attitude.

Tells the Collective Wisdom home truths .

It was more in the field of sport that the unwelcome home truths were thrust into my face.

It is not a particularly good book and Niki despises it, but it does have some home truths in it.

He toyed with telling her a few home truths , but then decided it would do no good.



They believed that for once the truth should be told about the difficult life Diana has led and, for the most part, still leads.

He believes the truth gets blurred when entertainment takes over the news, as it has.

But again Hal believed it for the truth .

No one would believe the truth even if you put their nose right up to it.

The great error, his critics asserted, was to believe that veracity was truth .


I later discovered the truth of the Goring matter from Masko.

My admiration for him was in proportion to the effort that had been necessary to discover the truth .

The full inquests will be heard in May at the earliest, with families hoping at last to discover the truth .

The root of materialism is probably a firm commitment to empirical scientific method as the only reliable way to discover truth .

It was Verhencamp who discovered the truth - female anis throw each other's eggs out of the nest.


If we had more courage at Goodison in facing up to the truth unpalatable though it may be things might begin to improve.

It was a thing of a different sort to face the truth .

Humane destruction is not easy to face , but fear of the unknown is often far worse than facing the truth .

Sometimes folks have to face ugly, nasty truths about themselves.

Suddenly, she felt lighter of heart, ready to face the truth she had long denied herself.

The long incubation period means that no Third World country has yet faced the full truth of what is to come.

In his view Fraser had delayed because he didn't want to face the truth .


Such is the site of Callanish for the golden eagle and in its circle all may find strength and truth .

Its charge is to find the truth in sweeping allegations of beatings and rapes.

He soon became aware of pro-communist bias in subjects like history and wondered how he could find the real truth .

He says the compulsion of scientists to find the absolute truth can lead to a kind of intellectual tyranny.

Mr. Pollard says a complete overhaul of the system is needed, to establish guilt and innocence and find the truth .

But he finds strength in that truth and uses it to his advantage.

She was determined to find out the truth and act on it.

Washington reporters could find out the truth .


He knew Athelstan spoke the truth .

None of the other doctors had ever talked to her that plainly, but she knew the truth when she heard it.

We still do not know the full story of Brixton; therefore, we do not know the truth .

Although the emperor was mightily embarrassed when he realized he was parading naked, he preferred knowing the truth .

Something may be wrong but only one or two may know the truth .

A few days later everyone knew the chilling truth .

To know that he knew the truth at last.

Only the person who wishes to know truth and life should then leave the land and go to the sea.


It was because they are afraid of the public learning the truth about Labour's taxation policies.

How can a business or agency learn to tell the truth about its identity, its collective attitudes, and its actions?

She adored her and still does because she's never learned the truth .

She also wants to learn the truth about whether Matt really is guilty of slaughtering two teenage lovers after raping the girl.

Oddy did not know the stolen items were for presents and was sorry to learn the truth , Mr Furness added.

There is suffering and tragedy in this quirky love story as Toshi learns the truth of his parents' past.

Jane was horrified when she learned the truth .

Former President George Bush learned this painful truth four years ago.


Shouldn't it be the people who have as their driving force the desire to reveal truths about human life?

You know about my father: Scripture is revealed truth .

But the Stone finds ways and means of revealing the truth to guide moles forward.

Clear-thinking organizations rely on cost justification to reveal these truths , even if they run counter to current plans and conventional wisdom.

But in the end Mrs Pegler is unwillingly forced to reveal the truth .

Surface appearances, however, reveal only surface truths .

Next week we could be warning, exposing, or revealing the truth about anything from holidays to your spring bulbs.

Luther met Predestination as revealed truth: Calvin treated it as a mathematical formula and deduced the results.


It will speak the truth and straighten the record.

She begged, Who are you, sufferer, that speak the truth To one who suffers?

But the voice that had spoken waited, as if it knew that eventually Creggan would speak the truth .

Chen knew I spoke the truth .

Sylvie had raved, raved with that undertow of intensity which always made her seem to be speaking the truth .

Will escapes the man but suspects that he spoke the truth .

Nevertheless, Owen thought he might be speaking the truth .

I speak the truth , yes?


If you do then tell me the truth .

Erik maintains he is merely telling the truth .

But what then is the difference between being told the truth and being shown it, and does the difference really matter?

I expect you to tell me the truth .

To tell the truth , I continued to use the stick for longer than was strictly necessary.

You want us to tell the truth ?

He remembered clearly that Murray had asked if he had any mail, and his instinct was to tell the truth .

Raise take home pay. Tell the truth .


an ounce of sense/truth/decency etc

Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that results depend on factors other than staff efficiency. - T. Baines, Oxford.

bald statement/facts/truth

And the truth was - the bald truth was - Lori was crazy about him.

Historians do not make bald statements and always attempt to substantiate their point.

The bald truth is he did the wrong thing, but perhaps he had some of the right reasons.

The account relied more heavily on innuendo than bald statement but the message was clear.

We recognised that the bald statement in the preceding paragraph requires amplification.

bend the truth

More serious still is her unfortunate tendency to bend the truth.

They don't just bend the truth, they simply reverse it.

Unless very few ladies account for most male conquests, that suggests we all bend the truth.

economical with the truth

Do not be downcast that you have been economical with the truth.

He thought I had been economical with the truth.

In insisting that no changes had been made to the original plan, his team was being economical with the truth.

In view of the Warc footnote, this statement seems to have been economical with the truth.

Members of his profession are often economical with the truth.

element of surprise/truth/risk/doubt etc

I like the element of risk.

If Weaver had been watching as Liz Spalding had been smuggled into the house, then the element of surprise was lost.

It contains a major element of truth, even if it is not precisely the truth which its originators intended.

The element of risk gave it an added excitement.

There is an element of truth in all of these.

There were elements of truth in this critique, Jim supposed.

Web browsers, once limited to displaying text and graphics and downloading files, have created an entirely new element of risk.

What I do is count on the element of surprise.

eternal truths

murder/the truth etc will out!

naked truth/self-interest/aggression etc

And that's the naked truth Yes that's the naked truth.

Lonrho itself is authority for the view that pursuit of naked self-interest by criminal means can never amount to conspiracy.

Revealed ... the naked truth about Paul McCartney.

The aristocracy of this period has been castigated for its naked self-interest and expediency.

With their banshee wails, squalling guitars and naked aggression, they are baring their souls and they are angry.

not a particle of truth/evidence etc

nothing could be further from the truth

A lot of people think soufflés are hard to make. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They say he is a spy, but nothing could be further from the truth.

stretch the truth/facts

Reporters sometimes stretch the facts to catch a reader's eye.

the moment of truth

The moment of truth came when I tasted the sauce.

A-level students reach the moment of truth.

An interesting study, this, of the varying techniques with which different men approached the moment of truth.

And so the moment of truth.

However, after a few weeks, cinema audiences dropped dramatically and the moment of truth arrived.

Is this the moment of truth, he wrote, or the greatest temptation?

It has become conscious of its history, and is approaching the moment of truth.

They felt sure that at the moment of truth in the polling booth most voters will consider their wallets.

This is the moment of truth for the Lions the six build-up provincial games can be forgotten.

the truth/fact of the matter is (that)

For the fact of the matter is, all the fight has been taken out of Blue.

to tell (you) the truth

I'm not sure how he did it, to tell you the truth.

To tell you the truth, I can't stand Sandy's cooking.

A bit like Mrs Riley, to tell the truth.

But to tell the truth, for a long time I've been slightly lost as a dealer.

Did people not trust me to tell the truth?

He bathed a lot and never smelled even alive, to tell the truth.

I don't know a great deal about flowers, to tell the truth.

They must learn how to tell the truth and listen.

We had a pretty good time I suppose, but to tell the truth I didn't feel like a party much.

You want us to tell the truth?


Ellis explains how truth and freedom are linked.

fundamental truths about human nature

One of the basic truths about human beings is that we want our lives to have meaning.

Science is based around the search for truth .

There is no truth to the rumors about him being arrested.


But the truth was that I could not do this kind of traveling alone.

But then another soundless glance brought home the truth .

But United Nations officials called for caution, saying a government investigation was necessary to discover the truth .

I could let it glow like truth in its own light.

There the truth may by now be known.

Whatever the truth , it is always convenient to blame outsiders for creating trouble.

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