Meaning of WATER in English

[noun] [U] - a clear liquid, without colour or taste, which falls from the sky as rain and is necessary for animal and plant lifea bottle/drink/glass of waterbottled/mineral/tap waterhot/cold waterCook the pasta in plenty of salted water.Bring the water to the boil.You're supposed to drink about two and a half litres of water a day.Can I have a drop of water in my whiskey, please.Is the water hot enough for a bath?The human body is about 50% water.Water often refers to an area of water, such as the sea, a lake or a swimming pool.The water's much warmer today - are you coming for a swim?How deep is the water at the far end of the pool?I like swimming but I don't like getting my head under (= in) water.Dad, I swam a whole length of the pool under water (= with the whole head and body below the surface of the water) !Water can also refer to the level of an area of water.Low water levels on the Mississippi are causing problems.In Vienna, the Danube topped the high-water mark at 30 feet.High water this morning at Portsmouth is at 11.17 a.m.Water is sometimes used as a combining form.rainwaterfreshwatersaltwater(esp. disapproving) Criticisms of or warnings to a particular person that are (like) water off a duck's back have no effect on that person.I've told him that he's heading for trouble, but he doesn't listen - it's just water off a duck's back.If someone refers to problems that they had in the past as water under the bridge, they mean that they do not worry about them because they happened a long time ago and can not now be changed.Yes, we did have our disagreements but that's water under the bridge now.A water bed is a bed which is filled with water.A water bill is a regular charge which is made to people for the use of their local water supply.A water bird is any bird that lives in or near water.Typical examples of water birds are swans and herons.A water biscuit is a thin hard biscuit, which is often eaten with cheese.A water bottle is a container for carrying drinking water on a journey.He filled up the water bottle and put it back on his bike.A water buffalo is a large cow-like Asian animal with horns that curve backwards, which is often used for pulling farming tools.(UK and ANZ) A water butt (US rain barrel, ANZ water tank) is a large container for collecting rain which can then used to water plants.A water cannon is a device which sends out a powerful stream of water and is used in order to scatter large groups of people.Police used water cannon to break up the demonstration.If you have ever been hit by a water cannon, you will appreciate that water can be used as a tool.If something is water-cooled, it is surrounded by water to keep it at the correct operating temperature.a water-cooled nuclear reactora water-cooled petrol engineA water filter is a device for removing unwanted substances such as bacteria or harmful chemicals from drinking water.Water ice is dated for sorbet.A water jump is an area of water with a fence before it, which people or horses jump over in a competition.A water lily is a plant whose large flat leaves and cup-shaped petals float on the surface of lakes and pools.A water main is the main underground pipe in a system of pipes supplying water to an area.Water meadows are fields which flood with water from a river when it rains a lot.A water pistol (US also squirt gun) is a toy gun with which you can send out a stream of water to hit people or things.Water polo is a game played in water in which two teams of swimmers try to get the ball into the other team's goal.See picture: Water sportsWater-repellant is US for showerproof. See at shower (RAIN).Water skiing is a sport in which you are pulled along the surface of the water by a boat, while balancing on a pair of skis which are fastened to your feet.A water softener is a substance or device that removes chemicals such as calcium from water in order to make it less hard.A water-soluble substance can dissolve in water.Are these tablets water-soluble?Water sports are sports such as swimming, surfing and water skiing which you do on or in water.Beach holidays are fine if you like water sports like surfing and wind surfing.See picture: Water sportsA water supply is the water that is provided and treated for a particular area.Fifty percent of the world's population does not have access to an adequate water supply.The water table is the level below the surface of the ground at which you start to find water.A water taxi is a small boat on a river or other area of water which is operated by a person whom you pay to take you where you want to go.A water tower is a device to provide water pressure by positioning a large container for water on top of a tower-like structure.Water vapour is water in the form of a gas resulting from heating water or ice.

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