Meaning of WATER in English

/ ˈwɔːtə(r); NAmE ; NAmE also ˈwɑːt-/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] a liquid without colour, smell or taste that falls as rain, is in lakes, rivers and seas, and is used for drinking, washing, etc. :

a glass of water

drinking water

water pollution

clean / dirty water

water shortages

There is hot and cold running water in all the bedrooms.

—see also bathwater


[ U ] an area of water, especially a lake, river, sea or ocean :

We walked down to the water's edge.

She fell into the water.

shallow / deep water

In the lagoon the water was calm.

—see also backwater , breakwater


waters [ pl. ] the water in a particular lake, river, sea or ocean :

the grey waters of the River Clyde

This species is found in coastal waters around the Indian Ocean.


[ U ] the surface of a mass of water :

She dived under the water.

The leaves floated on the water.

—see also underwater


waters [ pl. ] an area of sea or ocean belonging to a particular country :

We were still in British waters.

fishing in international waters

—see also territorial waters


waters [ pl. ] murky, uncharted, stormy, dangerous, etc. ~ used to describe a situation, usually one that is difficult, dangerous or not familiar :

The conversation got into the murky waters of jealousy and relationships.

The government has warned of stormy waters ahead.

HELP NOTE : There are many other compounds ending in water . You will find them at their place in the alphabet.


- by water

- it's (all) water under the bridge

- like water

- not hold water

- sb's waters break

- (like) water off a duck's back

—more at blood , blow verb , cold adjective , dead adjective , deep adjective , dip verb , duck noun , fish noun , head noun , hell , horse noun , hot adjective , pass verb , pour , still adjective , test verb , tread adjective

■ verb


[ vn ] to pour water on plants, etc. :

to water the plants / garden


[ v ] ( of the eyes ) to become full of tears :

The smoke made my eyes water.


[ v ] ( of the mouth ) to produce saliva :

The smells from the kitchen made our mouths water.


[ vn ] to give water to an animal to drink :

to water the horses

( humorous )

After a tour of the grounds, the guests were fed and watered .


[ vn ] [ usually passive ] ( technical ) ( of a river, etc. ) to provide an area of land with water :

The valley is watered by a stream.


[ vn ] to add water to an alcoholic drink :

watered wine


- water sth down



Old English wæter (noun), wæterian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch water , German Wasser , from an Indo-European root shared by Russian voda (compare with vodka ), also by Latin unda wave and Greek hudōr water.

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