Meaning of WATER in English

n. water ouzel

water bear

test the water

American water spaniel

ammonia water

blue water

branch water

casual water

cold water

dead in the water

in deep water

first water

fish out of water

giant water bug

gray water

heavy water

hell or high water

high water

high water mark

hold water

holy water

hot water

ice water

Irish water spaniel

Javelle water

light water

low water

make water

milk and water

mineral water

Portuguese water dog

quinine water

red water

rose water

running water

slack water

soda water

still water

tap water

throw cold water on

toilet water

tonic water

tread water

Vichy water

above water

water bag

water balance

water ballet

Water Bearer

water bed

water beetle

water biscuit

water blister

water bloom

water boatman

water boy

water buffalo

water bug

water cannon

water chestnut

water clock

water closet

water cycle

water dog

water down

water flea

water gap

water garden

water gas

water gate

water gauge

water glass

water gun

water hammer

water haul

water heater

water hemlock

water hen

water hole

water hyacinth

water ice

water jacket

water jump

water level

water lily

water main

water meter

water milfoil

water mill

water moccasin

water mold

water nymph

water oak

water of crystallization

water of hydration

water on the knee

water park

water parting

water pepper

water pill

water pimpernel

water pipe

water pistol

water plantain

water polo

water privilege

water rat

water repellent

water resistant

water right

water sapphire

water scorpion

water shield

water ski

water skier

water snake

water soak

water spaniel

water sprite

water sprout

water strider

water supply

water table

water taxi

water tower

water turkey

water vapor

water vascular system

water wagon

on the water wagon

water wings

water witch

water witching

water witcher

white water

Derwent Water

bag of waters

bread upon the waters

muddy the waters

territorial waters

test the waters

watered down

watering can

watering pot

watering hole

watering place

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.