Meaning of WORKING in English


[adjective] [before noun; not gradable]Generally, working people don't have time to shop for food every day.Changes to the taxation system will affect 90% of the working population.She likes to change out of her working clothes as soon as she gets home.The working hours here are variable because we operate a shift system.Many car workers are employed on a 37-hour working week.Working conditions/practices in the mill have hardly changed over the last twenty years.She has a difficult working relationship with many of her staff.There's a great deal to do so we'd better have a working lunch/breakfast (= a meal during which work is discussed).The working capital of a company is the money it has which is immediately available for business use, rather than money in investments or property.The working class/classes is the group of people in society who are paid a comparatively low amount of money for their work, often being paid only for the hours or days that they work, and who often use physical rather than mental skills in their jobs.The working class usually react/reacts in a predictable way to government policies.The working classes tend to travel more now than they did in the past.He was born into a working-class family.You and your working-class mentality! Compare lower class at lower; middle class at middle; upper class at upper (HIGHER).A working day (esp. US workday) is either the amount of time a person spends doing their job on a day when they work, or a day on which most people go to work.An eight-hour working day is still typical for many people.On a working day I tend to get up around seven o'clock.Please allow three full working days for the money to be transferred.(informal dated) A working girl is a female prostitute.His entire working life (= the part of a person's life when they are at work) was spent with the same firm.Little provision is made for working mothers (= women who have a job and care for their children) by many large companies.A working party is a small group of people, for example one chosen by a government, which studies a particular problem or situation and then reports on what it has discovered and any suggestions it has.An official working party is examining different voting systems for all tiers of government.(US) Working papers are official documents which allow someone under 16 years old to be employed.

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