Meaning of WORKING in English


Synonyms and related words :

accomplishment, acetification, acidification, acidulation, act, acting, action, active, activism, activity, agency, alive, alkalization, answer, ascertainment, at it, at work, banausic, barmy, behavior, behavioral, breadwinning, businesslike, busy, carbonation, catalysis, chemicalization, clearing up, commercial, conduct, contour plowing, cracking, cultivating, cultivation, culture, decipherment, decoding, denouement, determination, diastatic, direction, disentanglement, doing, dressing, driving, drudging, dynamic, electrolysis, employed, employment, end, end result, engaged, enzymic, execution, exercise, explanation, exploitation, fallowing, ferment, fermentation, fermenting, finding, finding-out, full of business, function, functional, functioning, furrowing, going, going on, grinding, grubbing, handling, hard at it, hard at work, hardworking, harrowing, hoeing, hydrogenation, in exercise, in force, in hand, in harness, in operation, in play, in practice, in process, in the works, inaction, interpretation, isomerism, issue, laboring, leavening, listing, live, management, manipulation, materialistic, metamerism, metamerization, moneymaking, movements, nitration, occupation, occupied, on duty, on foot, on the fire, on the go, on the hop, on the job, on the jump, on the move, on the run, ongoing, operancy, operating, operation, operational, operations, operative, outcome, oxidation, oxidization, pegging, performance, performing, phosphatization, play, plodding, plowing, plugging, polymerism, polymerization, position isomerism, practical, practice, practicing, praxis, prosaic, pruning, raising, realistic, reason, reduction, resolution, resolving, responsibility, result, riddling, running, saturization, serving, slaving, slogging, solution, solving, sorting out, steering, straining, striving, struggling, sweating, swing, thinning, tied up, tilling, toiling, unraveling, unriddling, unscrambling, unspinning, untangling, untwisting, unweaving, upshot, using, utilitarian, utilization, weeding, work, workaday, workday, working-out, workings, yeasty

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .