Meaning of WORKING in English

/ ˈwɜːkɪŋ; NAmE ˈwɜːrk-/ adjective , noun

■ adjective [ only before noun ]


having a job for which you are paid

SYN employed :

the working population

a working mother

—see also hard-working


having a job that involves hard physical work rather than office work, studying, etc. :

a working man

a working men's club


connected with your job and the time you spend doing it :

long working hours

poor working conditions

I have a good working relationship with my boss.

She spent most of her working life as a teacher.

recent changes in working practices


a working breakfast or lunch is one at which you discuss business


used as a basis for work, discussion, etc. but likely to be changed or improved in the future :

a working theory

Have you decided on a working title for your thesis yet?


if you have a working knowledge of sth, you can use it at a basic level


the working parts of a machine are the parts that move in order to make it function


a working majority is a small majority that is enough to enable a government to win votes in parliament and make new laws


see order noun

■ noun [ usually pl. ]


working (of sth) the way in which a machine, a system, an organization, etc. works :

an introduction to the workings of Congress

the workings of the human mind

the machine's inner workings


the parts of a mine or quarry where coal, metal, stone, etc. is or has been dug from the ground

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