Meaning of WORKING in English


adj. & n.


1. engaged in work, esp. in manual or industrial labour.

2 functioning or able to function.


1. the activity of work.

2 the act or manner of functioning of a thing.

3 a a mine or quarry. b the part of this in which work is being or has been done (a disused working).

Phrases and idioms:

working capital the capital actually used in a business. working class the class of people who are employed for wages, esp. in manual or industrial work. working-class adj. of the working class. working day esp. Brit.

1. a workday.

2 the part of the day devoted to work. working drawing a drawing to scale, serving as a guide for construction or manufacture. working hours hours normally devoted to work. working hypothesis a hypothesis used as a basis for action. working knowledge knowledge adequate to work with. working lunch etc. a meal at which business is conducted. working order the condition in which a machine works (satisfactorily or as specified).


1. the calculation of results.

2 the elaboration of details. working party a group of people appointed to study a particular problem or advise on some question.

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