Meaning of YOURSELF in English


[pronoun]Yourself is used when both the subject and object of the verb are you.Be careful with that knife or you'll cut yourself!You could have killed yourselves!Yourself is sometimes used to give special attention to the subject of the sentence.And you actually made this yourself instead of buying it?You yourself said that you sometimes find your mother a pain.You could write to him yourself, you know.You can do that yourself - you don't need me to help you.If you do something (all) by yourself you do it alone or without help from anyone else.It's OK, you won't have to go to the dentist by yourself - I'll come with you.Did you tie your laces all by yourself Joe? You clever boy!So have you got the whole house to yourself (= for your own use only) now that Neil and Sam are on holiday?The best thing you can do is to go into the interview and (just) be yourself (= do and say what seems right to you rather than behaving in a way that you think other people might like).(UK dated) How are you in yourself (= How do you feel despite being physically ill or having other problems)?

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