Meaning of YOURSELF in English


/ jɔːˈself; weak form jə-; NAmE jər-; jɔːr-; jʊr-/ ( pl. your·selves / -ˈselvz; NAmE /) pronoun


(the reflexive form of you ) used when the person or people being spoken to both cause and are affected by an action :

Have you hurt yourself?

You don't seem quite yourself today (= you do not seem well or do not seem as happy as usual) .

Enjoy yourselves!


used to emphasize the fact that the person who is being spoken to is doing sth :

Do it yourself—I don't have time.

You can try it out for yourselves.

You yourself are one of the chief offenders.


you :

We sell a lot of these to people like yourself.

'And yourself,' he replied, 'How are you?'


- (all) by yourself / yourselves

- (all) to yourself / yourselves

- be yourself

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