Meaning of YOURSELF in English



be beside yourself with anger/excitement/rage etc

Mom and Dad will be beside themselves with worry.

be beside yourself with rage (= be so angry that you cannot control yourself )

They had been publicly humiliated and were beside themselves with rage.

brace yourself (for sth)

The pilot told passengers and crew to brace themselves for a rough landing.

consider yourself lucky/fortunate (= believe you are lucky etc )

Consider yourself lucky you weren’t in the car at the time.

count/consider/think yourself lucky (= believe that you are lucky in a particular situation )

You should count yourself lucky you weren’t seriously hurt.

cover yourself in glory (= do something that makes people admire you )

As team captain, he hasn't covered himself in glory.

cry yourself to sleep (= cry until you fall asleep )

That night he cried himself to sleep.

cry yourself to sleep (= cry until you fall asleep )

I used to cry myself to sleep every night.

defend/protect yourself from your enemies

Our country has a right to protect itself from its enemies.

discharge yourself British English (= leave hospital before your treatment is complete )

disengage yourself

Sally found it difficult to disengage herself from his embrace.

do yourself a favour (= do something good for yourself )

Do yourself a favour and read as many books on the subject as possible.

do yourself an injury British English informal (= accidentally hurt yourself )

Be careful with that knife or you’ll do yourself an injury.

drag yourself away from (= stop watching )

Can you drag yourself away from the TV for a minute?

draw yourself upright (= stand straighter )

Susan drew herself upright and thrust out her chin.

expose yourself to ridicule/criticism etc (= say or do something that may make people laugh at you, criticize you etc )

express yourself (= say what you think or feel )

He is very confident and finds it easy to express himself.

feel sorry for yourself (= feel unhappy and pity yourself )

It’s no good feeling sorry for yourself. It’s all your own fault.

find out for yourself

I thought it best to let you find out for yourself .

find yourself in a similar/awkward etc position

The refugee organizations now found themselves in a difficult position.

find yourself/your mind etc doing sth

When he left, Karen found herself heaving a huge sigh of relief.

She tried to concentrate, but found her mind drifting back to Alex.

forgive myself/yourself etc

If anything happened to the kids I’d never forgive myself .

hold/keep (yourself) aloof from sth

The doctor held himself somewhat aloof from the rest of the ship’s crew.

keep your opinions to yourself (= not say what you really think )

As the youngest person there, I knew enough to keep my opinions to myself.

keep/hold yourself aloof (from sb)

She had always kept herself aloof from the boys in class.

land/get yourself in hot water

She got herself in hot water with the authorities.

let yourself be beaten/persuaded/fooled etc

I stupidly let myself be persuaded to take part in a live debate.

look out for yourself/number one (= think only of the advantages you can get for yourself )

make an ass of yourself (= do something stupid or embarrassing )

make yourself clear (= express yourself in a way that is easy to understand )

Please tell me if I’m not making myself clear.

make yourself plain (= make what you are saying clear )

If you do that again you will be severely punished. Do I make myself plain?

make yourself understood (= make what you say clear to other people, especially when speaking a foreign language )

I’m not very good at German, but I can make myself understood.

make yourself useful (= be helpful )

Don’t just stand there – make yourself useful!

making a nuisance of yourself (= annoying other people with your behaviour )

Stop making a nuisance of yourself !

prepare yourself for a race/fight etc

The Chicago Bears are busy preparing themselves for the big game.

prick yourself/prick your finger (= accidentally make a hole in your skin )

She had pricked her finger on a rose thorn.

pull/drag/haul yourself into a position

She pulled herself into a sitting position.

pull/push yourself upright

He pulled himself upright on the sofa.

put some distance between yourself and sb/sth (= go quite a long way from them )

He wanted to put some distance between himself and his pursuers.

put yourself/your neck on the line (for sb) (= risk something bad happening to you )

I’ve already put myself on the line for you once, and I’m not going to do it again.

resign yourself to/accept your fate

I had no choice but to resign myself to my fate.

see for yourself (= find out if it is true )

These chocolates are gorgeous. Try some and see for yourself .

set (yourself/sb) a goal (= decide what you or someone else should try to achieve )

It helps if you set yourself clear goals.

shout yourself hoarse (= shout until your throat is sore )

Matthew shouted himself hoarse until he was discovered.

smile to yourself

Maggie looked at the photo and smiled to herself.

spray yourself with perfume

Jody sprayed herself with some of her mother’s perfume.

worry yourself (= feel anxious, especially when there is no need to )

You’re worrying yourself unnecessarily.


(all) by yourself

Dave spent Christmas all by himself.

Do you think you can move the couch by yourself?

Katherine made the cookies all by herself.

You can't go home by yourself in the dark.

He came at once, by himself, as she had asked.

One proposal by itself was anathema; the two together were poison.

Our car was half full, and we were assigned to a row by ourselves.

She'd managed that all by herself.

Similarly, Spong believes that homosexuality, by itself, is not a sin.

Stanford... well, Stanford is in a class by itself.

The land by itself could not support the population.

(all) to yourself

As mentioned earlier, my grandfather kept to himself in his smoke-filled room, rarely venturing out.

At first there was silence as they drove along the quiet road, simply enjoying being close to each other.

He can't be very bright can he, drawing attention to himself like that?

He had done nothing wrong, nothing at all, but there was no way of proving it, even to himself.

Today it tends to be a more exclusive activity in which theologians talk straight to each other and down to the faithful.

Tutor and pupil may, however, have spoken Latin to each other.

Until the beginning of this year, Congress had not applied to itself a single civil-rights or workplace statute passed this century.

We continually talk to ourselves about them, losing force all the time, and feel that we are very badly treated.

(put) daylight between yourself and sb

abandon yourself to sth

By the time we reached Totnes, in Devon, we had abandoned ourselves to our despair.

For several blissful seconds she abandoned herself to his kiss, and to all the incredible, startling sensations exploding inside her.

He began to cry in earnest, abandoning himself to a storm of weeping, sobbing against his folded arms.

I abandon myself to you ... I even want you to abuse and degrade me.

The Near East surrendered, abandoning itself to the invaders.

The soul abdicates quickly and the flesh abandons itself to shudders.

They danced wildly down the street, abandoning themselves to the night and the moon.

What would it feel like to abandon herself to his touch?

abase yourself

Father, plead, ingratiate and abase yourself before your all-powerful children!

The members of the Political Executive Committee abased themselves once more.

absent yourself (from sth)

Detained patients absent themselves, or abscond, from hospitals.

Equally, she was absent herself; naturally enough - she had been the photographer.

His absence bloomed in her until she grew absent herself, preternaturally agreeable.

I had not had the benefit of that lovely electricity for long, but how I did miss it when it absented itself.

I put my head down into my hands and absented myself mentally.

It will not be desired to find all people who absent themselves without leave.

Kendall absented himself this time, as was only fitting.

Lucy arranged to absent herself from the expedition to allow Maggie to be alone with Phillip.

acquaint yourself with sth

Residents should acquaint themselves with earthquake safety rules.

An experienced photographer should have pointed out these things but it is sensible to acquaint yourself with some basic knowledge.

He had had no time to acquaint himself with his fief, twice seen, and well enough served by its own.

I make it my business to acquaint myself with where objects properly belong in a house.

It was high time, he said, that the artist acquaint himself with the fantastic images of the microscope.

Nedham and Bowes were further required to acquaint themselves with the costing of the roasting and smelting.

Prospective mineral developers should acquaint themselves with the appropriate development plans.

The whole endeavour was set in an international context, the Commission being charged with acquainting itself with modern penal practice abroad.

You should acquaint yourself with any material that is provided about the authority.

acquit yourself well/honourably

They did acquit themselves well with heavier strings and a flat pick, but in the main they were seen as fingerpicking guitars.

affiliate yourself to/with sb/sth

angry with/at yourself

David was angry with himself for trusting Michael.

A shiver went over her and she became angry at herself.

Are we angry with ourselves and blaming something or some one else?

He was so angry with himself.

I felt a sharp stab of disappointment and was surprised and angry at myself.

I felt so guilty, do you see, yet I felt so angry with myself for feeling that way.

If you catch yourself worrying about money, then welcome the thought rather than fighting it, or getting angry with yourself.

Suddenly she felt angry with herself for having let her emotions get out of control.

Those who played were angry with themselves for making mistakes.

announce sb/yourself

apply yourself

I wish Sam would apply himself a little more to his schoolwork.

Cosby said Jackson seemed to be applying herself in school but inexplicably dropped out.

He applied himself to his shoelace.

If he feels some one is not applying themselves 100 percent, he won't spare reputations or ego - whoever you are.

It is a consideration which I should have applied myself to the assessment of general damages to favour this plaintiff.

Most of them applied themselves to their exercise books, their faces contorted with intellectual effort.

She applied herself to her book but still heard laughing, laughing.

The aged, heart-of-pine floors glowed under a regular coat of wax, which he applied himself.

The Secretary of State should apply himself to his own evidence.

arrogate (to yourself) sth

Governments should not be deluded into thinking that they can arrogate to themselves powers that they do not and can not possess.

It was up to Kasparov to prove that he still merited the title he arrogated .

What is significant, as Kee points out, is that the Roman Church assented to the role Constantine arrogated to himself.

Why does he arrogate to himself the claim to know more about patient care than all those professionals?

ask yourself sth

assert yourself

Don't be afraid to assert yourself in the interview.

Abusers are often suspicious and jealous, suffer from low self-esteem and need to assert themselves.

Dependent and insecure, they may find it difficult to join in and to assert themselves.

The trade of Wells puts demand on Chris Carpenter to assert himself at the top of the rotation.

There became room for younger, different, mainly nonconformist leaders to assert themselves, not necessarily by parliamentary means.

When it was too late to alter the course of events, the party's leaders found the courage to assert themselves.

Which man wants to admit that he's a wimp and needs to assert himself?

Yet here again political realities asserted themselves.

You have a certain window of opportunity to assert yourself.

assure yourself

As he passed through he cast one last glance behind him to assure himself he was free of pursuers.

As we will see shortly, it is much simpler to assure ourselves of gains from trade if it is true.

Goldwater, a plain-spoken Arizonan, had assured himself of a first-ballot nomination by defeating Rockefeller in the California primary.

Have you assured yourself that you can deliver whatever value is promised in your set of products and services?

Having assured itself of that source, however, doesn't translate into a positive factor - merely a neutral one.

Only for the sake of her own morale, she assured herself.

She was blushing again, with anger, she assured herself.

They interviewed us both, checked out my house and assured themselves John Leslie was not in danger.

attach yourself to sb

Art History as a subject was not yet available at Cambridge: she would attach herself to the Courtauld Institute.

If she wishes to attach herself to the scare, I am delighted.

Joyce had become separated from her parent and attached herself to the Leighs.

Particular molecules will attach themselves to the enzyme surface so that atoms can be transferred rapidly.

She felt very much an ignorant outsider, but unobtrusively attached herself to charge.

Shockwave attaches itself to your browser.

The crew swam out from under the canoe and attached themselves to the upturned hull.

They attach themselves to her in the time-honoured order: strongest take the front teats, weakest the rear.

avail yourself of sth

Avail yourself of every opportunity to learn.

A formal hearing may be dispensed with if the parties do not wish to avail themselves of their right to have one.

Anyone wishing to avail themselves of this facility should contact the Hotel direct.

Gaining New Clients - How to avail yourself of the opening of all public contracts to businesses throughout the Community.

Gandhi availed himself of Western and Eastern methods.

It demonstrates that in the post-Cold War world, middle powers can avail themselves of new power to build coalitions.

Many high-income people can reduce their income tax liabilities very substantially by availing themselves of this loophole.

Mrs Foster encouraged the staff to avail themselves of the lodge's delights.

The Sergeant availed himself of the other.

be beside yourself

I thought it was outrageous, and Clarisa was beside herself.

I was beside myself with joy and excitement.

Many observers believe that Kiley and Livingstone should be beside themselves with joy at the major concessions they have won.

She was beside herself with grief.

The boy was beside himself with agitation.

They had been publicly assaulted and humiliated in front of a crowd of people and were beside themselves with rage.

When he found that his theory exactly predicted the path of Mercury, he was beside himself with happiness for days.

When the Republicans tried to eliminate some of the things I felt proudest about, I was beside myself about it.

be full of yourself

He was too full of himself to care about anyone else.

She's a good-looking woman, but too full of herself for my liking.

Tim is just so full of himself.

Modern-day sportswriting is full of itself.

They think Vassar students are full of themselves, elite, and excessively liberal.

be in command of yourself

Kathleen is a confident leader and in total command of herself.

be yourself

And the sacrificial victim is yourself.

He was counting on her redshirting even more than Karen was herself.

Henry Ford's assertion that history was bunk was itself bunk: theology seemed to me a much better candidate.

It seems to me questionable that Ruether is herself theistic.

The language needed to describe unity is itself divisive, each word an island proclaiming its difference from every other.

They can be themselves, be, relate, create in their own way.

They made us able to come with our own identity and our own image, to try to be ourselves.

bear yourself

Throughout the trial, she bore herself with great dignity.

She was very pale, but bore herself with rigid composure.

beat yourself up

better yourself

A lot of people are trying to better themselves.

And she feels better herself - after two weeks, her headaches and tiredness have gone.

He doesn't criticize the vice-president marketing's expert judgement nor pretend he could do better himself.

I couldn't have done better myself.

I teach them to better themselves.

It is a way in which diversity and the desire to better oneself can be accommodated.

She would do anything to better herself.

Wilson speeches often praise the gumption of illegal immigrants who take risks and endure hardships to better themselves and their families.

brush yourself down

Give me a couple of minutes, will you? Brush yourself down while you're waiting.

bury yourself in your work/studies etc

busy yourself with sth

I busied myself with answering letters.

Could it be that man over there busying himself with the nutcracker display?

Franca naturally busied herself with genuine tasks, of which there were always plenty.

I busied myself with the cooking until I was interrupted by an exquisite baritone.

It was ajar and he could see the young woman busying herself with chores before reopening the shop for the afternoon trade.

Morning comes, and Blue starts busying himself with another disguise.

She busies herself with recruiting phone calls.

Two days before the opening Soo stayed in the shop and busied herself with white paint and a large board.

While Muhammed Shah and his circle busied themselves with amusement, Safdarjung consolidated his position.

call yourself sth

He calls himself a Christian, but he's not very nice to strangers.

can look after yourself

But now she can look after herself.

It is generally assumed that at postgraduate level and above users can look after themselves.

cannot/could not bring yourself to do sth

But I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

He had died somewhere on the way to his next case, and Quinn could not bring himself to feel sorry.

I debated with myself but in the end, I could not bring myself to pack up and leave.

Rain could not bring herself to put this to the test.

She could not bring herself to fall down the house stairs.

The New-York Historical Society couldn't bring itself to do that.

The teakettle made a brisk whistling sound, but John Wade could not bring himself to move.

This little subterfuge the guard put into motion somehow he could not bring himself to do it.

catch yourself doing sth

I caught myself watching everybody else instead of paying attention to the lecture.

chuck yourself off sth

collect yourself/collect your thoughts

come out of yourself

He comes out of himself for a time and learns about love.

comport yourself

Leo comported himself very professionally.

A paradigm tells us what things are like, how the world is, and how we should comport ourselves in it.

He comported himself so stiffly during cocktails that Jim Maier suspected the bishop might be feeling intimidated.

Many animals show inherited differences in how they comport themselves.

This is not to say that our soldiers, sailors and airmen have not comported themselves bravely when asked to do so.

compose yourself

He waited a moment outside the door so that Philip would have time to compose himself.

She took several deep breaths to compose herself before going downstairs.

He paused for a while to compose himself then staggered down to the porter's lodge.

Ralph would compose himself, at the ready.

She lit a cigarette ... composed herself.

She saw Anna, and was visibly struggling to compose herself as she came to the door.

She waits outside the room, head down, composing herself while the players find seats inside.

The fisherman brayed laughter, pleased with his joke, and delighted to see the boy had composed himself.

There she wept and fought to compose herself before returning to the parlor with a small, pinched smile.

concern yourself with/about sth

Our country's leaders must concern themselves with environmental protection.

Back in the days when he had yet concerned himself with the world.

Burun Khan may have told you that we know of such machines, but do not concern ourselves with them.

By contrast, total quality and continuous improvement concern themselves with improving performance in smaller chunks.

For several weeks I did not concern myself with any thought of the future.

In its pure form, a no-fault system, as its name suggests, does not concern itself with blame.

The committee will concern itself with matters relating to administration, marketing, finance, playing, development, and public relations.

The physical anthropologists concern themselves with the history and distribution of the varieties of mankind considered as species and sub-species.

What has been at stake that we concerned ourselves with this?

conduct yourself

By the end of the course, you should be able to conduct yourself with confidence in any meeting.

Public figures have a duty to conduct themselves responsibly, even in their private lives.

Seidman has conducted himself with extraordinary grace and ability.

But he conducts himself in all situations with a dignity not one whit lessened by his shortness.

He conducted himself impeccably, he was open and honest and had to put up with a lot from the press and media.

He had an air about him that was highly professional and he conducted himself in a really first-class manner.

I always try to conduct myself reasonably in public.

I believed I had conducted myself well.

Imagine fans and athletes honoring their sport by conducting themselves with class.

That is how you decide the manner you are going to conduct yourself.

These young men, taciturn, hard-working, serious, did not conduct themselves in what Mr Bullins considered the correct manner.

congratulate yourself (on sth)

But the rivalry was friendly enough for all teams to congratulate each other on their performances.

I do not say this in order to congratulate myself or to put my actions in a better light.

On the dais all the boys were congratulating themselves.

One by one they congratulated themselves.

San Francisco is not in a position to congratulate itself on the success of its public schools.

So both teams can congratulate themselves at doing so much better.

The Government are in an extraordinarily poor position to congratulate themselves on an annusmirabilis.

The Senior Management team were evidently congratulating themselves on having recruited such an able young lady.

content yourself with (doing) sth

But Borssele has not simply contented herself with the odd leak.

He said not a word to her, but contented himself with sending a stern reprimand to Aeolus.

If Sister doesn't get a move on, they could always content themselves with the shortest children's story ever told.

Ishmael is the only Person aboard the Pequod who never contents himself with seeing only one meaning for anything.

Jones, shoulders hunched against the numbing cold, contented himself with a quiet display.

The intrepid manager had to content himself with numbering his reserve teams.

When the Suns came to watch in Game 1, he contented himself with 28 points and six rebounds.

You must content yourself with maintaining your present level and role in the organization for the duration or leave!

contradict yourself

During questioning, Robinson contradicted himself several times.

As far as restarting the musical life in Vienna was concerned, we had the problem that the occupying forces often contradicted each other.

Could you try to contradict yourself a little less?

I can tell if some one contradicts themselves 39.

It imputes to Proust's text the ability to contradict itself without intervention.

Not, does it matter if the writer contradicts himself; but, does it matter what colour they are anyway?

To Greg she didn't seem to be making much sense - saying whatever came first into her head and contradicting herself.

Where they contradicted each other in inessential points there might be room for debate and uncertainty.

You couldn't help but contradict yourself from time to time.

cover yourself (against sth)

Dealers will no longer need to buy to cover themselves, removing one factor that has supported prices.

He covered himself with a blanket that suddenly seemed to move on its own-an army of insects began crawling over his skin.

He covers himself in rose-water all the time so that the place smells like a funeral parlour.

He tumbled to the ground, writhed around on the dirt and covered himself with dust.

I slid out of bed and covered myself with a huge paisley shawl.

In a sense it was inevitable that Kelly should cover himself in glory.

My landlady had stopped screaming by now because she'd managed to cover herself up.

She told him that he would cover himself with ridicule by bringing the boy back.

cross yourself

Father Tim crossed himself, joyfully Harry Nelson, however, was devastated.

Greatly relieved, he muttered under his breath and crossed himself several times.

He crossed himself, sat in the bow and ordered the men to row in.

He glared, and crossed himself.

Remembering, the rector crossed himself.

The novelist and his wife cross themselves again and turn back into the night.

The soldier leaped away, crossing himself and gibbering; some ancient prayer, perhaps, or a magic sign.

Then take out thin, twiggy wood and branches that cross each other - you're aiming for a goblet shape.

deceive yourself

Many parents deceive themselves about their children's behavior.

He could almost deceive himself that she was confiding in him.

I loved her, but I never deceived myself.

If a man dissemble, deceive , he deceives himself, and goes out of acquaintance with his own being.

It was no use deceiving herself any longer.

Not for a moment had she been able to deceive herself that she was anything but bad, truly bad.

She deceives herself more than she deceives anyone else.

Was she not indeed, not only trapping herself, but deceiving herself, being, to herself, a traitor?

deny yourself (sth)

A psychoanalyst would perhaps say that we learn to deny ourselves this satisfaction in favour of more sublimated pleasures.

He was the first to deny himself comfort and sleep.

Isabel had told her, unable to deny herself the relief of letting the truth out at last.

Low-performing organizations deny themselves this counsel.

Stop denying yourself food, stop eating carrots when what you really want is carrot cake.

The left-armer denied himself a sixth by wasting a cowardly bouncer on Malcolm.

They were not used to denying themselves much; they were not used to journeys on foot.

To leave self behind does not just mean denying oneself.

despite yourself

Jessie realized that, despite herself she cared about Edward.

Buxton, perhaps despite himself, grew anxious not to alienate Tory support, even if that meant silencing more liberal voices.

Frome was being catapulted, despite itself, perhaps, into the world of the new century about to dawn.

Impressed despite herself, Tabitha watched him closely.

She heard the sharp intake of his breath and desire flared out of control so that, despite herself, she responded.

Studied her lips, despite myself.

The mood was contagious, and despite myself I started grinning mindlessly.

Violet, trapped or captured, was despite herself enthralled by it all.

detach yourself from sb/sth

In order to do her job during the war, she detached herself from her feelings.

Alex detached himself from the crowd and came towards them.

If you wished to detach yourself from the soul of Salomon Brothers, London was the only place to go.

It detached itself from the thicket and reached rose-thorn fingers into the hard earth.

My muscles went limp; my skin melted into a buttery ooze; my head detached itself from my body.

One of the undulating shapes detached itself from the wall and advanced towards the shining executioner as though blind to its danger.

When thoroughly replenished it would detach itself from the socket and renew its adventures across the floor!

Wynne-Jones detached himself from the supporting arm and came over to Tallis.

dig a hole for yourself

The mayor dug himself into a hole when he promised 3000 new jobs.

discipline yourself (to do sth)

Are we prepared to discipline ourselves to restrictions and regulations that we feel we ought to impose for our own good?

Can we discipline ourselves more in meetings?

Every month discipline yourself to go through the file and identify at least ten external contacts to phone.

Furthermore, it had no effective way to discipline itself on expenditures.

He must discipline himself to rigorously avoid any form of activity, be this mental or physical.

It shows why philosophy may penetrate so many disciplines and yet remain a distinct discipline itself.

Most of us were brought up to accept discipline , and to discipline ourselves.

The combined discipline itself becomes a new container.

disentangle yourself (from sb/sth)

The President was eager to disentangle himself from the scandal.

And then he disentangled himself from the last uniformed peer and reached Hardin.

Blearily, I disentangled myself from Richard and grabbed the phone, checking the clock.

Bobbie, still looking dazed, began to disentangle herself from the foliage.

Jean Alesi is said to be trying to disentangle himself from his 1993 Ferrari contract in order to make himself available to Williams.

Night brightened sharply, as if the moon had just disentangled itself from cloud.

One arm disentangled itself from the covers, her fingers curling indolently into the fine cotton of the quilt.

The first thing the three must do is disentangle themselves from the past.

disport yourself

distance yourself (from sth)

But she could not distance herself from her friend's tragedy.

Don't try distancing yourself from me by calling me Mr Calder.

For that reason, abstract art has been anxious to distance itself from decoration.

He also chose to distance himself geographically.

He no longer confides in he, as he did in the letter at the beginning, but distances himself from her.

It is another for the Prime Minister to distance herself from the policies of the government of which she is head.

Or should it be able, despite being owned by the State, to distance itself somewhat from political authority?

They did so, and he began progressively to distance himself from his mentor.

distinguish yourself

After joining the newspaper, she quickly distinguished herself with a series of hard-hitting exposés.

Bradley has distinguished himself as the top scorer on the team.

Eastwood distinguished himself as an actor before becoming a director.

During the battle five Troll Slayers distinguished themselves by attacking and destroying three Trolls which were perilously close to crushing Duregar himself.

He distinguished himself as third-string quarterback for the football team.

He was clever, but disinclined to distinguish himself in study, athletic but lazy, honest but argumentative.

Look, we were just kids, who like all kids want to distinguish ourselves from our parents.

Perhaps Hincmar's silence here was tactful, since Charles the Bald's sons had not distinguished themselves in the traditional roles.

She has been unable to effectively distinguish herself from other objects on a sensorimotor level.

The Conservatives under John Major tried to distinguish themselves from their Thatcherite past by stressing a commitment to quality public services.

Tim distinguished himself for eleven years in Miami, including the history-making 1972 undefeated season that climaxed in the 1973 Super Bowl.

divest yourself of sth

Pinkerton's is divesting itself of $120 million in unprofitable business.

And he could return to Bass, which wants to divest itself of yet more pubs.

Courtaulds deputy chief executive Gordon Campbell said Courtaulds made the sale as part of its program to divest itself of noncore businesses.

Especially, your Assassin must divest herself of every tiny hidden trick.

Nor can a country divest itself of the karmic consequences of its own actions.

divest yourself of sth

And he could return to Bass, which wants to divest itself of yet more pubs.

Courtaulds deputy chief executive Gordon Campbell said Courtaulds made the sale as part of its program to divest itself of noncore businesses.

Especially, your Assassin must divest herself of every tiny hidden trick.

Nor can a country divest itself of the karmic consequences of its own actions.

do all right (for yourself/herself etc)

Anyway, I did all right.

He did all right in that Navy movie, whatever it was.

Wow, so you guys must do all right then, him?

do yourself a mischief

My objection to his high heels was that he would do himself a mischief if he had to bale out!

do yourself justice

I am sure he will do himself justice .

If Rebecca is to do herself justice , she needs to define her terms.

do yourself up

don't trouble yourself

drag yourself to/into/out of etc sth

I remember when I heard the rounds coming in, I dragged myself out of the hooch.

draw yourself up (to your full height)

drink yourself silly/into a stupor/to death etc

drink/laugh/scare etc yourself silly

Well, I laughed myself silly .

efface yourself

excel yourself

But he excelled himself last week.

He was a chaser of the highest class, and had not other horses of unproven stamina excelled themselves in the National?

In a playing career that ended the month Graeme Souness arrived at Rangers, Johnstone had excelled himself as a rumbustious centre-forward.

It gives us the confidence to cope with other apparently insurmountable problems, knowing that we have excelled ourselves before. 3.

Last week, Helen excelled herself - a black matt waterproof, lined, with a turn-back collar of fake ocelot!

Miss Lodsworth, who organized the flower rota, had excelled herself.

Sorrel excelled herself with the meal, although her father never mentioned it.

Yuletide in Walford is traditionally a combat zone with crackers, but the soap excelled itself this year.

excuse yourself

Richard excused himself and went to his room.

Constance detected a change in the atmosphere as Giancarlo excused himself and walked down the steps to greet his last guest.

He has excused himself from a dinner meeting to return her call.

I excuse myself for this failure of perception, for I think he was concealing it even from himself.

I excused myself from Mr Cardinal and moved towards the doors.

On the ground, when they had left the parked plane, Myeloski excused himself and went to the men's room.

Once, my eyes start to fill with tears and I excuse myself and go to find the bathroom.

She was sitting at the mirror in her room, having excused herself from her cousins' chatter minutes before.

They heard Paul excuse himself to go into the house.

exert yourself

It's important not to exert yourself - it'll take a few weeks to recover.

A nation in its rowdy, energetic and inspiring youth wants freedom and is willing to exert itself to win it.

All the surgeons present were exerting themselves to their utmost; the few nurses all busy.

As soon as we stop exerting ourselves the blood pressure returns to normal again.

Because shareholders can not tell how hard managers are exerting themselves on their behalf, managers have an incentive to shirk.

Does a team that has to exert itself to get to 38-44 deserve a place at the big table?

He kept close behind, not exerting himself.

Red tell-tales blinked as he exerted himself.

This is the best measure of fitness, since it expresses the greatest rate at which an individual can exert himself.

explain yourself

John doesn't make excuses or explain himself to anybody.

No, that's not what I meant. I guess I didn't explain myself very well.

Censure gives Mr Wahid three months to explain himself.

He waited for Ballater to explain himself or to state the reason for his visit.

I had explained myself, as I always did, but I could scarcely explain myself away.

I knew I could explain myself.

I regard this as part of my life, a duty to explain myself.

She tried to speak, to call for help, to explain herself, to scream, but no words would come.

When, eventually, he was admitted to the presence of the Chairman he would have perhaps fifteen minutes to explain himself.

Yet now, commanded to appear before elected officials, he had to explain himself, give an accounting of his views.

expose yourself

By connecting to the Internet, a local network organization may be exposing itself to the entire population on the Internet.

He was arrested five other times from 1991-93 on charges such as exposing himself to a female student and urinating in public.

I hated to expose myself, to emerge, to stick out.

Marie had never understood how women could bare their souls with such ease, exposing themselves so shamelessly to one another.

The builder, by breaking his commitments, no doubt exposed himself to an action by his customer for breach of contract.

There were cases of teachers following girls home, and one who exposed himself.

Whereas they expose themselves by coming to power, he can remain concealed indefinitely.

Women expose themselves through their image far more than men do.

fall over yourself to do sth

Freshers' fair is the traditional showground where societies fall over themselves to attract some of the 5000 new students.

He was good box office and managements fell over themselves to get his name on their marquees.

Suddenly, the Kremlin is falling over itself to get close to Uncle Sam.

The owners are constantly carping about runaway salaries, then fall over themselves to jump the gun and up the ante.

The receptionist had obviously recognised him too, had practically fallen over herself to bat her long dark eyelashes at him.

The sight of so many senior politicians falling over themselves to kiss his hand was reminiscent of Tammany Hall at its worst.

Those first days of their honeymoon in New York, the music publishers had fallen over themselves to entertain the couple.

We almost fell over ourselves to oblige.

familiarize yourself/sb with sth

Besides, the way our winter has been going, it seemed like the year to familiarize myself with snowshoes.

Jules, you can accompany Alice and familiarize yourself with London.

Taylor familiarized himself with existing designs, borrowing features from several.

These programs familiarize trainees with the production line, company policies and procedures, and the requirements of the job.

To familiarize pupils with the creation and use of a database. 3.

To familiarize pupils with the skills of planning and organizing information. 2.

To familiarize pupils with the use of outside databases e.g. Prestel. 4.

Worcester was a good quiet place to begin, he said, to familiarize myself with the feel of the stage.

fancy yourself

And fancies himself as a fisherman.

He fancied himself as a strategist.

He fancied himself as something of an impresario, and had some experience negotiating contracts with Hollywood studios.

He fancied himself in love with me, the silly boy, but that was absurd.

I fancy myself a famous writer.

Marx was not a humanist, though he fancied himself to be.

Now he fancies himself as a great military strategist.

Read in studio Now, have you ever fancied yourself as a bit of a cowboy?

fancy yourself (as) sth

And fancies himself as a fisherman.

Any chick who fancies herself as a feminist ought to go and see Martha McGilchrist.

He fancied himself as a strategist.

He fancied himself as something of an impresario, and had some experience negotiating contracts with Hollywood studios.

He fancied himself in love with me, the silly boy, but that was absurd.

I fancy myself a famous writer.

Krause has always fancied himself a keen talent scout first.

Now he fancies himself as a great military strategist.

fend for yourself

Dad always wanted me to be able to fend for myself from a very early age.

The children were left to fend for themselves on the streets.

The mother died before the cubs were old enough to fend for themselves.

Young birds are left to fend for themselves soon after they hatch.

Children are left to fend for themselves and often get in trouble in the process.

Now it must fend for itself, without parental care.

Small amounts of food must be left for the birds until they learn to fend for themselves.

So Snow White must fend for herself when she is abandoned by the hunter in the forest.

The captain radioed for assistance, but the convoy sped away, leaving the Vanzetti to fend for herself.

Thereafter they fend for themselves and she is quickly into preparation for her next litter.

We were left to fend for ourselves.

Young Basque men emigrated because no patrimony could by custom be divided, leaving younger sons to fend for themselves.

fill (yourself) up

But at the rear, in his camels-hair coat, filling up a comer with his huge body, he was standing.

Fast cars drink petrol, and if you don't fill up often, your roses will become stranded with empty tanks.

From where Nathan was sitting, in a chapel adjacent to the altar, he could hear the cathedral filling up.

He can fill up the lane, earn his minutes and his keep just by being big.

The doc says her lungs are all filled up with water.

The space between them was filling up with unasked and unanswered questions.

To attract crowds large enough to fill up the ornate space, big spectacles were de rigueur.

Well, if you stop to fill up at a motorway service station your dreams could come true.

fill yourself (up)/fill your face

find it in your heart/yourself to do sth

For this alone, I may find it in my heart to forgive her.

He hoped the moon could find it in its heart to overlook his sins as it climbed the heavens.

To his grief, Donny's widow would not find it in her heart to speak to him again.

find yourself

She went to India to find herself.

And the other morning I found myself feeling guilty about something I'd said to some one about twenty years ago.

But one thing leads to another, and Sister Helen finds herself challenged to put her beliefs on the line.

Conclusion Most of the children who read this book find themselves quite liking Gowie Corby.

He has gone back through that door to find himself in 1963.

I found myself just doing things without even thinking about them - my fingers seemed to work away on their own.

It goes without saying that almost invariably the instances of animal behaviour that we find ourselves discussing involve adult creatures.

Organizations that make them often find themselves settling happily into the healthy habit of regular truth-telling.

Practically put, corn farmers would find themselves with unwanted inventories of output.

flatten yourself against sth

I flattened myself against the wall.

As the train began slowing down for North Chittendon, I flattened myself against the window.

Brennan and Douglas flattened themselves against the front of the trench as it went over.

I flattened myself against the wall.

Quickly they moved out of sight, flattening themselves against the corridor walls to either side of the short passage.

She'd flattened herself against the outside wall like some one in a spy movie.

She flattened herself against the end terrace wall and looked back.

flatter yourself

"I think you like me more than you'll admit." "Don't flatter yourself."

He flattered himself that he would discover a twin soul in the famous Rifleman.

I don't flatter myself that she was eager to take my name.

Indeed Karelius, in opera cloak and one of Aranyos' dandyish suits, flattered himself he looked as distinguished as any.

She had got bored by herself - and, if I flatter myself, there was a tinge of concern for me.

Should we flatter ourselves that our descendants will find our concerns of the utmost importance?

So I don't flatter myself that some one who gets my beliefs will automatically get true ones.

The most that I can claim or flatter myself with, is to be of the middle rank....

fling yourself at sb

And I do not give you permission to fling yourself at her feet, grab her hands and weep into her palms.

As I flung myself at it, pounding footsteps were behind me.

He flung himself at her, springing the top button of his jeans and jerking them down as he did so.

McCoist flung himself at the ball and beat Lukic with a wonderful diving header.

She flung herself at the gunman, who was then felled by police fire.

Tabitha flung herself at the hard bunk with an angry sigh.

They flung themselves at sailors in a bid for immortality.

fling yourself into sth

Mas flung himself into the economic and political life of America.

As they passed Jess, flinging themselves into the Battle, she saw Garty Jenks among them.

Did I fling myself into your arms?

He flung himself into a chair without waiting to be asked.

I flung myself into his chair, the big recliner.

I wanted to fling myself into her arms and cry and let her comfort me, but I did not.

Saying a prayer, she flung herself into her captors' bonfire.

She fought back the sudden urge to run to him, to fling herself into his arms and beg his forgiveness.

Sonia and Helen flung themselves into my arms, to Joe's great astonishment.

fool yourself

Although a Pep Squad can sometimes fool the world, it can rarely fool itself.

First a drive, he thought, headed anywhere, fooling himself into thinking he might simply keep going.

However, the probabilities are that you are fooling yourself.

It was as though he had been fooling himself all along.

Lindsey knew she had been fooling herself in thinking she could remain indifferent.

The stories of Blake and the various defectors show how easily the intelligence fraternity fools itself.

This was my way of fooling myself, perhaps.

We fool ourselves by thinking we can go on automatic pilot, that we can survive by going through the motions.

forget yourself

Veronica was worried that she might forget herself and confess her true feelings.

When I was growing up, I was told to forget myself and pay attention to others.

As if he had forgotten himself, Wasswa hurriedly got up and draped a towel around the President's shoulders.

But this, to some extent, was to forget himself.

He forgets himself in the feeding.

He could get caught up in the story, so to speak, and little by little begin to forget himself.

His aim, in fact, as he freely admitted, was to forget himself in his work.

I gave a good class: there is nothing like teaching well for making one forget oneself and one's petty troubles.

Infuriated, she forgot herself sufficiently to reach out and prod his knee.

You have taught me to forget myself by demeaning yourself to be free to a poor servant.

fulfil yourself

I am still ambitious - to fulfil myself rather than become a managing director.

Just turned 21, Jeanne had sacrificed any hope of fulfilling herself as an artist to Modigliani.

Last year, it seemed he had matured enough to fulfil himself but a cruel succession of injuries denied him.

Maslow showed that, by fulfilling themselves, men could reach contentment and happiness.

gather yourself/your strength/your thoughts

get above yourself

Ever since he'd given her that power of attorney she'd been getting above herself.

I was thought to be getting above myself because I refused to sight read a scene.

What was Cambridge, after all, but a small town which had got above itself?

get/take a grip on yourself

Damn you, get a grip on yourself.

He must take a grip on himself.

I got a grip on myself and made it back to my office.

I had to get a grip on myself and put this whole wretched business behind me.

I must get a grip on myself, she told herself firmly.

She took a grip on herself, physically pushed back the dark, claustrophobic horror at the point of drowning.

give a good/poor account of yourself

Cooper gave a good account of himself in the fight.

Sussex's Wood gave a good account of herself and should have claimed the second set.

Thirteen-year-old Patsy, who could always give a good account of herself, looked upset.

Though it gave a good account of itself, Dave gently persuaded the fish close enough to be lifted aboard the boat.

give yourself over to sth

You have to give yourself over to football if you want to be good at it.

Drifting, feeling the drug, he closed his eyes and gave himself over to the mirrors in his head.

He prepared to give himself over to whatever fate Lucifer had in store for him.

I gave myself over to her ministrations.

I envisioned her smile, and the long sigh as we gave ourselves over to an honest conversation.

She wasn't good at being silly, but she gave herself over to the moment.

The life of the anchoress was hard but she did not necessarily give herself over to excessive penance.

Why not give herself over to the silliness of it, instead of feeling distress?

give yourself/sb up

But then, why give them up so abruptly?

But we would not give it up without a desperate struggle.

He is not going to give that up.

I had to give the ball up, and then I had work my butt off to get it back.

I kept starting new regimes, then finding I couldn't give them up.

In return for our consent, he swore he would give it up the day after he won the election.

That's why I want to give it up for adoption.

go fuck yourself/himself/themselves etc

gorge yourself (on sth)

All fish love eating tubifex and will gorge themselves silly on the worm.

He knew he would gorge himself on curry and dal and then want to sleep.

In the wild they are opportunist feeders and at times of plenty they gorge themselves and then may fast for several weeks.

Just because we appear to be gorging ourselves on war coverage doesn't mean to say that we swallow it whole.

Once there they gorge themselves until they are so bloated they can hardly take off.

The symbolism was extended to the gorge itself Blondin had literally caught it in his net.

haul yourself up/out of etc sth

Annie hauls herself out of her chair, nets a shiner from the tank, and throws it out the screen door.

Next day I hauled myself out of bed, took breakfast and got into the truck about a quarter to six.

have (got) sth/sb (all) to yourself

Helen used to have the house to herself.

I have said to myself that that is wrong.

I must have been jealous of her life away from me, and wished to have her entirely to myself.

Most of the people in the boardinghouse would go home, and he and I would have the house to ourselves.

Mummy stopped the car at once, even though the pizza parlour was so crowded that they couldn't have a table to themselves.

Of course, the Little Sprouts and the Plumpsters could have kept to themselves.

She regrets she is so much in the way of the young people, who really should have some time to themselves.

They could; and should have won this match and the players have to look to themselves.

have a lot to say for yourself

help yourself (to sth)

Go ahead and help yourselves to a drink.

She helped herself to some money she found lying around.

And there are things people can do now to help themselves, new things, and newer things.

Children may be referred by teachers or parents or may even ask for help themselves.

Group members may well help each other by pointing out to another where and what a problem might be.

I just couldn't help myself.

I mean, you couldn't help yourselves.

If you can not help yourself ....

Lily helped herself to the two smallest slices and a generous portion of the crispy brown bubble and squeak.

Weary and wet, sustained by blessed tea, we helped each other with the tents.

hire yourself out

Her brother earned his living by hiring himself out to whoever needed his services on the island.

We called technical support and reached a Florida office, a tech-support company that hires itself out to Compaq.

We thought about hiring ourselves out as sort of bespectacled human twigs for water-divining purposes.

hug yourself with joy/delight etc

humble yourself

Not a lot of former 20-game winners would humble themselves that way.

With Angel gone there was no need to humble herself and inquire if he had at last returned to work.

Yet the school offered him nothing and lie had to humble himself to plead with me.

hurl yourself at/against etc sb/sth

And yet people still hurl themselves at this fence.

For an instant, Jimmy wondered whether he should hurl himself at the plate-glass windows.

I hurl myself at the soldier.

Shopkeeper Nasser Ali, 25, hurled himself at Conroy, who emptied his magazine of all six shots.

The control room door slammed shut behind Atrimonides as he ran on to the gallery and hurled himself at Christine.

The warriors hurled themselves at the heads or horns of their animals to make them lie down.

The wind was gusting through the branches of the old oak tree outside and hurling itself against his window.

immerse yourself in sth

Jarrod completely immersed himself in his work.

Blanche in turn was happy to immerse herself in country life for a few days and play endless games with her two nephews.

For months, Atkinson immersed himself in a numbing void.

In 1919 he went to Zurich, where he studied and worked in psychological clinics, immersing himself in psychological experimentation.

The student needs to immerse himself in the performance of a kata in order to release his emotions.

They did not have time to immerse themselves in technical detail.

We finished our drinks and Siegfried immersed himself in the Veterinary Record as savoury smells began to issue from the kitchen.

When she left I quickly immersed myself in the safer, less emotional facts and figures of a real estate deal.

in spite of yourself

The picture made her laugh in spite of herself.

Almost in spite of himself, he did well at Latin.

Angie responds in spite of herself when Cain flirts with her.

I feel a stab of envy in spite of myself.

I hurried home, my heart pounding and my hands trembling in spite of myself-I could not believe it.

I went along to my session, and I was shaking in spite of myself.

inflict yourself/sb on sb

Alcohol and tobacco inflict great harm on individual health and have a high social cost.

And he was carrying no thunder-and-fire stick to inflict pain on them.

From early childhood they are schooled not to inflict themselves on others.

However, it is possible for other war engines and large monsters to inflict damage on them.

No one wants to inflict this pressure on children.

The second group comprises patients who inflict serious injuries on themselves with considerable suicidal intent.

You are just lying there with these people washing, dressing and at the same time inflicting pain on you.

ingratiate yourself (with sb)

Isn't it sickening how Daniela tries to ingratiate herself with Harriet?

From each and every canvas I saw that the model surveyed the viewer, resisting centuries of admonition to ingratiate herself.

He would get to know the cook and ingratiate himself by being agreeable and doing her favours.

I had to lure her back, bring her presents, ingratiate myself with everyone in the family.

I spend most of my life trying to ingratiate myself into a sick society rather than trying to smash that society.

In order to ingratiate himself with the populace, he rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem on a hitherto unprecedented scale.

Native merchants were eager to ingratiate themselves with West-ern traders.

Sharaf Rashidov, the former party boss, would lie about the cotton crop year after year to ingratiate himself with Moscow.

The free Negro militia ingratiated themselves with the white community by offering to assist in military operations against the slaves.

install yourself in/at etc

Geoffrey, Joe and I installed ourselves in the aft cabin.

The Madeirans were worried, in particular, in case a post-revolutionary Communist dictatorship should install itself in Lisbon.

Tom suggested they go straight to his house, but Mr Greenleaf wanted to install himself in a hotel first.

interest yourself in sth

Franca could not answer these questions or interest herself in such formulations.

He's been interesting himself in the new C.O., Brenda Pridmore.

He interested himself in fiscal, banking, and trade policy.

I sneaked back, into the darkness and found Doris and tried to interest myself in the dishes for a while.

In Leeds meanwhile he interested himself in educational ventures and became widely known for public service.

In recent years Winters has interested himself in making objects of glass and ceramics.

Not surprisingly, the state has also interested itself in providing additional pension coverage.

involve yourself

A most significant departure for some one so senior to involve himself personally.

Because even if Antoinette didn't exist Rohan wouldn't involve himself with me - at least not seriously.

For why should anyone involve themselves with a stranger when the one thing that everybody had in plenty was trouble?

I chose to involve myself in matters best left alone.

It has involved itself energetically in such issues as pub opening hours and the additives and adjuncts used in the brewing process.

She didn't let the undertakers involve themselves in this intimate business.

What these writers seem to mean is that Artemis did not involve Herself with men.

keep sth to yourself

Branson knew who the killer was, but had kept it to himself for twenty years.

Don't tell Sam -- he's incapable of keeping anything to himself.

I've got cancer, but I would appreciate if you would keep this to yourself.

After all, what right have they to keep it to themselves?

But she kept them to herself.

Never a woman to keep her thoughts to herself, she told him how comfortable she felt in his company.

Share information - don't keep everything to yourself; there is no advantage to this. 5.

She kept the pregnancy to herself - or rather kept it from herself, and from everyone else, for too long.

She wouldn't say even then but I plagued her a bit till she couldn't keep it to herself any longer.

So don't keep it all to yourself!

We went out and tied bricks to him and put him down and we kept it to ourselves.

keep to yourself

His frustration he tried to keep to himself but it hovered about him until it shaded and finally swallowed him.

I watched her drive out on to the highway, thinking many things which are better kept to myself.

If they kept to themselves, the whole northern end of the area might as well be written off.

Mandeville kept to himself, fretting about Southgate and when the additional soldiers would arrive.

Of course, the Little Sprouts and the Plumpsters could have kept to themselves.

She keeps to her room, keeps to herself.

The sympathy she showed Karen; the relief she kept to herself.

Whatever problems he had faced in their life together he had kept to himself.

kick yourself

I could have kicked myself for getting her name wrong.

A few executives, though, kicked themselves.

Blue is shocked by the fare and kicks himself mentally for not following the woman instead.

Glen Day had eight birdies in a round of 64 and was kicking himself.

I have to kick myself to think that it was Xmas only 3 weeks ago.

It was easy to see that the boy was kicking himself.

Jeeze, I could kick myself.

Never slam a door in temper, you may need to come back through it in the future: kick yourself instead.

She was kicking herself for forgetting the most basic Capricorn trait of allowing nothing to stand in the way of their goal.

kill yourself

He killed himself by jumping under a train.

She tried to kill herself when news of the scandal leaked out.

You'll kill yourself if you go on drinking like that.

Could you kill yourself by putting your fingers into the electric socket?

Do we go on killing each other until there is none left?

He suffered such terrible symptoms he tried to kill himself.

Hetty has no alternative but beggary, and rather than that it would be better to kill herself.

It will be a book about how my sister killed herself, about how and why I survived.

Jill has killed herself during the week of his final exams.

The number of students who had killed themselves and their instructors was a constant source of anxiety.

We lived together happily for many years and now it has come to killing each other's babies.

knock yourself out

A koala, who was the loser in a treetop fight, fell 10m and knocked himself out.

He used the family umbrella as a parachute, fell on his head, and knocked himself out.

His head collided with a table on the way down and he knocked himself out.

I knock myself out to get him a pencil and he makes fun.

I think he knocked himself out, or something.

If you knock yourself out you could slip under the water and drown.

You simply want something so much that you knock yourself out to get it.

Your parents have knocked themselves out for you.

launch yourself forwards/up/from etc

With a sari Psepha unfolded his great wings and launched himself from his tree.

let yourself go

Dick took me to the party and, for once, I let myself go completely.

He's quite scholarly, but he can be really funny when he lets himself go.

She's really let herself go since she had the baby.

I merely let myself go to impulse.

If they are kind, if they care about you, they may want to know why you are letting yourself go.

One thing you could say for my daughter, she never let herself go.

People may be unusually observant and tell you that you are letting yourself go.

Perhaps Moira and Martin had almost lost each other because they were afraid to let themselves go.

She'd let herself go, last night - but she was none the worse for it, was she?

That left plenty of room for those wanting to let themselves go.

You can come up and let yourself go - shout about and that and muck about.

let yourself in for sth

He was probably right, but I wondered what we were letting ourselves in for.

I took his point and wondered what I had let myself in for.

It is important that people are aware what they are letting themselves in for.

Property: Don't let yourself in for trouble Choosing the right agent is essential if you want to rent your property.

Thistle's early season promise has evaporated, and debutant Julian Broddle must be wondering what he's let himself in for.

We must know what we are letting ourselves in for, theoretically, when we use such measures.

What exactly was I letting myself in for?

What have I let myself in for?

lever yourself up

lock yourself away

At other times he suffers periods of deep depression when he locks himself away and will speak to no-one for weeks.

He ought to lock himself away from them.

If Eisen was actually in New York, she had an added reason for locking herself away.

It got to the stage where she would lock herself away and not talk to me, or else have endless arguments.

Morrissey, in particular, would lock himself away behind a shield of management statements and subsequent verbal minders.

look after yourself

Concentrate on the truth, advised Eric Gill, and let beauty look after itself.

No doubt many more boys were up to the same tricks, but convention ruled that they were better able to look after themselves.

Remember, at the same time as you are looking after yourself, you are protecting them.

Respecting yourself means looking after yourself.

That's all for now, look after yourselves, and make sure you don't overdo things, Gwen.

The pup must now look after itself.

We have sheltered accommodation, with understanding professional staff, for blind men and women who are unable to look after themselves.

You knew how to look after yourself, he said.

lose yourself in sth

Small children have the ability to lose themselves in imaginary worlds.

A generation loses itself in an inner world of feeling and self-awareness, oblivious of outside forces.

A line of track ran one way to nothing and lost itself in nothing in the other direction.

And though she longed to lose herself in the flames, to be consumed and reborn, she was also terribly afraid.

He had never been able to lose himself in a crowd, or dash off somewhere suddenly on a whim.

Like the owl, it could lose itself in the forest.

Men say I am a saInt losing myself in politics.

Perfecting themselves, though, there is little chance that they will lose themselves in anyone else.

lower yourself

Corrigan took them and lowered himself.

He slid into schooling like an athlete lowering himself into a whirlpool, feeling the heat deep in his tissue.

Hindered by scolding women and jeering men, the soldiers lowered themselves into the cramped crawl spaces.

I lower myself into the chair, keeping as far away as possible.

I gave Becky to them and lowered myself into the water.

Police were called to the shop in Southampton after a passer-by spotted Urben lowering himself through the roof into the showroom.

She lowered herself to the beam, one leg down, the other forward.

The hood framed her expressive face, emphasising the grimace of determination before she lowered herself into the starting blocks.

make a fool of yourself

I met Sylvester Stallone one time and made a complete fool of myself.

A true cat is often willing to make a fool of herself, but only on her own terms.

And why should you make a fool of yourself now by trying?

Athletes will seldom make fools of themselves for the press.

I have made a fool of myself.

One thing Congress apparently can do in a bipartisan spirit is to make a fool of itself.

She had truly made a fool of herself.

The mature glider pilot would never hesitate to make a fool of himself in the interests of safety.

Your biggest fear is probably the fear of making a fool of yourself and this is what is making you nervous.

make a spectacle of yourself

Jody made a complete spectacle of herself by getting drunk at the wedding.

However, it was obvious that she was intent on making a spectacle of herself.

She did not rant or rave or otherwise make a spectacle of herself.

They didn't make a spectacle of themselves.

You're simply making a spectacle of yourself.

You and your so-called friends make spectacles of yourselves at the party, litter the garden with debris and vandalise this fountain.

make an exhibition of yourself

Sam got drunk and made an exhibition of himself as usual.

Even the mouse and the cynic are constantly making an exhibition of themselves.

I didn't want you making an exhibition of yourself.

It would be dreadful if one ran out while the children were present and she made an exhibition of herself by screaming!

Somehow or other he must surely be making an exhibition of himself.

make sb/yourself sick

Finally, the very thought of one more sweet and sticky mouthful would make him sick .

I was too young to exercise my intellectual force to demolish prejudices that made me sick .

It made him sick to go to Horatia's bed, but he hadn't shirked the task.

It makes you sick , you know.

It makes you so sick that you lose the baby.

Shortly afterwards she made herself sick .

Still, for a long time, Helen would not, which they both thought would make her sick .

To be honest, it made me sick to my stomach.

make something of yourself

As with all young people she had to make something of herself before she could offer anything to anyone else.

He looked like a man who might be able to make something of himself if a good woman took him in hand.

Most ladies maids try to make something of themselves.

She began to think of it as he, and wondered if he would make something of himself later on in life.

She too wanted her boys to make something of themselves.

She was totally uninterested in the proposition that a man ought to make something of himself.

The one with the ambition and the talent and the brains to really make something of herself.

Uncle Allen had made something of himself by 1932.

make yourself at home

Make yourselves at home . Would you like a cup of coffee?

Cynthia, he thought, did not have much trouble making herself at home .

Here, sit down and make yourself at home .

Nothing like making yourself at home .

Perspective 6: People make themselves at home throughout the solar system.

She had to make herself at home , somehow.

She pulled off her hat, she made herself at home .

They float right through the glass and make themselves at home .

Two weeks later a young married couple were the new tenants filling the house, making themselves at home .

make yourself heard/understood/known etc

As we will soon see, the inability to make oneself understood properly was at the root of the crisis in Vicos.

But only one side was making itself heard.

Hardly a practicable solution when she didn't even know if she could make herself understood.

He makes himself known with a tiny, metallic clink-clink-clink from within the bushes.

I yelled to make myself heard above the deafening roar of the wind and the sea.

To leave was to admit defeat in this peculiar ritual of making myself known.

Yet lay people had almost no way of making themselves heard in Rome.

make yourself known (to sb)

He makes himself known with a tiny, metallic clink-clink-clink from within the bushes.

Jaq daydreamed about a subsequent year when Baal Firenze had first made himself known .

My superior self was working out a way to approach and make myself known .

To leave was to admit defeat in this peculiar ritual of making myself known .

With that you will make yourself known .

Your five minutes only start when you make yourself known .

make yourself scarce

For the next few days I made myself scarce , hoping his bad mood would pass.

When Gary and Clare began to argue, Reg decided to make himself scarce .

You'd better make yourselves scarce before the manager gets here.

For the next few days I made myself scarce , hoping that his displeasure was temporary.

He generally makes himself scarce in his room with his computer.

He has refused to speak to Hundley and is making himself scarce at the Delta Center to local reporters.

I didn't wait to be told twice and I made myself scarce .

I made myself scarce as quickly as I could.

Maggie had made herself useful to her stepmother by running the house, and yet continued to make herself scarce .

The Magistrate, mortified, had made himself scarce .

model yourself on sb

A number had decided to model themselves on the behaviors and demeanor of a favorite boss or company hero-a very reasonable strategy.

As we grow up we model ourselves on our parents, identifying with them and imitating them.

Dean was another rebel, no doubt modelling himself on his two idols.

For men to model themselves on Ulysses rather than Hercules.

If the C of E models itself on Parliament, the Methodists model themselves on a school prize-giving.

Nobody's modelled themselves on us, they've gone more the Roses and the Mondays.

Plenty of singers, wisely or otherwise, have modelled themselves on the heroes and villains of great literature.

Thomas Becket modelled himself on Anselm - in his exile, his inflexibility, his austerities.

mortify the flesh/yourself

We may imagine an ascetic who consistently chooses the sour instead of the sweet apple, in order to mortify the flesh.

nerve yourself to do sth/for sth

Finally she nerved herself to go and have a drink.

Ruth clenched her hands inside her cloak, nerving herself to follow him; but it was Fand who didn't move.

not be yourself

It would not be itself a thing.

not bother yourself/not bother your head

not feel yourself

I just haven't been feeling myself lately.

He had not felt himself a part of what governments decided.

He had not felt himself bound by their rules - basically, he hadn't felt himself.

not have much to say for yourself

not strain yourself

Continually adepts are warned that they must not strain themselves or try to experience these unnatural things.

only have yourself to thank (for sth)

orient yourself

Alice missed it, as she groped to orient herself.

Each centre will be designed to help even the most physically disabled or confused people move around and orient themselves easily.

Gender is thus an interesting feature to consider when we ask how we orient ourselves.

He has trouble orienting himself to any written work.

Humankind needed to orient itself Continually by Signs, or by an address.

In the process of being selves we tend to orient ourselves differently according to our gender.

That most men orient themselves more as subjects than as citizens is a familiar theme.

overreach yourself

A new generation of bankers who were not around last time will be encouraging them to overreach themselves.

A truly tragic figure, Johnson had overreached himself.

Did we overreach ourselves trying to build them?

He left, and waited for his opponents to overreach themselves, which they proceeded to do.

One lesson Athens had learnt, not to overreach herself with warfare in two theatres.

Then her eating of the red apple was premature; she had overreached herself.

Unlike Sting, Dylan and Bowie, Waits has never looked like a rock star overreaching himself.

owe it to yourself to do sth

Do I owe it to myself to finish?

For health insurance reasons you owe it to yourself to take care of your one and only body - your working machine.

We owe it to ourselves to consider alternative futures, based on what we know and what we can project from that.

You owe it to yourself to extract yourself from your present situation and reassess your life.

pace yourself

It's a long climb, so you have to pace yourself.

And scheduling meetings in ways that can help them pace themselves.

Next he enlisted the help of his wife and two friends to remind him to say no more often and pace himself.

Now he paced himself and took matters more steadily.

Pause and pace yourself Most of us leave no time in our day for ourselves.

Service was slow so we waited almost 30 minutes for our entrees-though we paced ourselves slowly through the appetizer.

The lord has to learn how best to pace himself spiritually to allow this desire to integrate all his potential.

The result is that post-job work-ers are going to have to learn to pace themselves.

To pace yourself, doing enough to pay for a comfortable life and little enough to stay invisible.

park yourself

My cat always parks herself in front of the heater.

A-road architecture does not glide in silently overnight and park itself along our urban highways.

Bring a picnic and park yourself in front of the Temperate House for an evening's entertainment.

Connie parked herself on a white divan and poured out some black steaming liquid.

pat sb/yourself on the back

She should pat herself on the back and take a well-earned break.

Because when I pat myself on the back, the next sensation is usually a sharp kick lower down.

Cliff Nudelman pats me on the back.

Every person on the street will pat you on the back.

For most of that ride it patted itself on the back.

How dare she wave her bloody job at us like she wanted us to pat her on the back for it?

I patted him on the back as hard as I dared but he still couldn't breathe.

The manager patted Stuart on the back.

This time I patted myself on the back all the way to the hotel.

perch (yourself) on sth

He had perched himself on a tall wooden stool.

He was perched on top of a huge cage, looking at the visitors.

He went straight into the bedroom, to the wall where the painted Asiatic doll was perched on the sideboard.

Her doorman was perched on a folding chair, his attention largely given over to a supermarket tabloid.

It was perched on a small promontory to the east of the town, overlooking the bay.

Léonie perched on the cold wet edge of the white bath and leaned forwards.

Manningham perched on a black leather stool by a well-stocked bar with a large mirror behind it.

Thrush-sized, it perched on a bank.

Waterlogged, he perched on top of the cabin and soon gurgled his song.

perjure yourself

And Mr Mitchum wouldn't perjure himself.

It was true that I would never perjure myself.

pick yourself up

Carol picked herself up and dusted herself off.

A team in such a position is likely to find it hard to pick itself up.

Although he picked himself up and walked away, he knew something was wrong.

He picked himself up and staggered down a corridor.

However, Grimm was already picking himself up, swearing, dusting himself off, retrieving his cap.

I crashed to the ground, picked myself up, and began staggering around the car to the other side.

I fell, picked myself up, lurched forward another yard or two, then fell again.

Shaken and deafened, I picked myself up.

Think of the toddler learning to walk and how often he falls down only to pick himself up and try again.

piss yourself (laughing)

He felt very cold, and he had pissed himself.

No older girl has ever pissed herself on account of Laverne before.

We both pissed ourselves laughing afterwards, wondering what all the fuss was about.

play with yourself

Play and Friendship Dolphins of all ages are frequently seen playing with each other.

Back with the dancers, Humphreys peeled off all his clothes, started playing with himself and finally urinated on the dance-floor.

please yourself

"I don't think I'll go." "Oh, well, please yourself. I'm going anyway."

Oh, she would please herself, all right.

She was going home to her flat to please herself for a few weeks.

There was no foreman to watch over him and he could please himself when he made his walk around the yard.

They must also want to please each other and help each other to find fulfilment, as well as looking for personal satisfaction.

This is the first time in I-don't-know-how-many-years I can just please myself!

Until I get there, though, I can please myself.

We play not to please ourselves, but the listeners.

pleased with yourself

After deceiving us all like that, she went away, no doubt very pleased with herself.

I had made a big profit on the deal and was feeling inordinately pleased with myself.

Selina looks awfully pleased with herself.

Feeling pleased with herself, Loretta went back to her office.

He hurried out exceedingly pleased with himself and enjoying the prospect of what promised to be a very good wrestling match.

He just patted his pocket and grinned, looking awfully smug and pleased with himself.

Robert the next day seemed urbane, sure of himself, even, she thought, pleased with himself.

She was pleased with herself and her own calm style.

Then he looked down, seemed pleased with himself, unembarrassed.

This made me feel rather pleased with myself.

You are pleased with yourself for venturing, testing your mettle.

plonk yourself (down)

He was built like a brick shithouse and he plonked himself down right in front of the stage.

plop (yourself) down

Stanley plopped down on the sofa beside me.

Carefully, slowly, not at all certain why, they plopped down on to the branch.

On our other side a young couple wandered by and plopped down with only a six-pack and a sleeping bag.

Our friend Joan strolls into the bank and plops down $ 100 to open an account.

She plopped down too much mortar, smoothed it out and set a brick on it.

She plops down on the empty cot and lifts a curtain to peer out the window.

The coyote returned to the barn end and plopped down in front of the crowd of llamas.

plump (yourself) down

Peggy plumped down in the chair beside Otto.

plunk (yourself) down

Americans love to plunk themselves down in front of the TV.

I plunk down a dollar and confront my deepest fears.

Marketers usually plunk down the equivalent of $ 40, 000 or so in cash, goods or services for placement.

The beverage giant wants you to plunk down your money and decide for yourself.

present yourself

Mendez presented himself at the Marine base in Virginia.

As we reach the base, an inkling of a trail presents itself.

He always presented himself as the redeemed bad boy, but it was a lie, she says.

However, before competing again you must present yourself to the tournament doctor to have both the injury and your bandaging accepted.

It is these patients who present themselves to the outpatient clinic.

Rhetorically, he still presents himself as a supporter of bipartisanship.

The rector could not avoid the thought that presented itself for consideration.

Three difficulties present themselves: 1.

Two immediate sets of questions present themselves about this tiny, unhappy minority of women who are imprisoned.

price yourself out of the market

pride yourself on (doing) sth

As a nation we pride ourselves on our strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play.

At Midland, we pride ourselves on establishing long term relationships with our customers.

But then at Boots we pride ourselves on our usefulness to mums.

Likud prides itself on being the party of the outsiders, and they are now a majority.

The accommodation is cool and spotless and staff pride themselves on offering a warm welcome.

The school prides itself on its ethnic diversity, Schaeffer said.

We pride ourselves on the front seven and tackling people.

prop yourself up

I propped myself up against a wall and took a deep breath.

The soldier tried to prop himself up again using his crutches.

Bernice propped herself up and took a bite.

Brian propped himself up on his elbows, suddenly remembering that the alarm had gone off.

He props himself up on one elbow.

Hefinished the last rep and propped himself up on his elbows.

I could see Peter shaking his head in the fairway, as he propped himself up on his sand wedge.

Rufus had propped himself up on one elbow, watching.

She stretched and propped herself up on an elbow, aware that something was not quite right.

We're full of doubts and we try to prop each other up.

prostitute yourself

He had no idea that I was prostituting myself in the cause of Jean-Claude's success.

In the eyes of many Surkov was a discredited figure who had prostituted himself for privileges, such as this present trip.

Stanley has told Mitch about Blanche prostituting herself.

They'd imagine me prostituting myself, or on the hard stuff.

Yes, I have prostituted myself for the sake of art.

prostrate yourself

A man entered the room, and at once all the slaves prostrated themselves.

A sudden flurry, as of a dozen Multhrops simultaneously prostrating themselves, and the doors were flung open.

At Artai's back they knelt, and then prostrated themselves.

He stood by Burun's side, knelt and bowed, then prostrated himself.

I spun around to find that he had prostrated himself on the ground and was clasping my feet.

Outside they prostrate themselves on wooden prayer beds.

They came before the tent and prostrated themselves on the ground before following their chief to prison.

This year, Hollywood mostly prostrated itself, hunkering down until the wind from the right blows over.

prove yourself (to be) sth

Despite this, I felt it would be better to prove myself in basic training before allowing my real personality to resurface.

Entrepreneur Larry Wilson defined the difference between desire and drive as the difference between expressing yourself and proving yourself.

For them an elite must prove itself in this ability to murder.

He was posted first to Reading, and was soon proving himself a soldier and horseman of rare incompetence.

In the meantime you have to prove yourself by being extra good, and doing helpful things around the house.

Outstanding Spartak have proved themselves the masters of away goals and just one tonight will seriously jeopardise Liverpool's hopes.

The fourteen-year-old Gertrude was appointed as the abbess and proved herself deserving of the title.

Unfortunately, molecular evidence, which has proved itself useful in other areas of disagreement, has yet to prove itself here.

prove yourself/prove something (to sb)

pull yourself together

Pull yourself together - you don't want him to see you crying like that.

Pull yourself together. It's ridiculous to get upset about such a silly little thing.

But then she pulled herself together.

Head in her hands, she tried to pull herself together.

In March, 1939 I pulled myself together sufficiently.

It's about time Joe pulled himself together.

It took them seconds to pull themselves together and reorganize themselves.

This was another occasion on which, as Margie put it, Margarett pulled herself together.

Yet, again and again, now as before, the people have pulled themselves together and gotten on with life.

pull yourself up/to your feet etc

Behind Duvall, Jimmy could see that Barbara was pulling herself to her feet.

Granny pulled herself to her feet and tottered over to the bench, where Hodgesaargh had left his jar of flame.

On March 4 she caught hold of the end of her buggy and twice pulled herself to her feet.

Weary now that the excitement of the film was no longer sweeping her along, she pulled herself to her feet.

Whitlock pulled himself to his feet and winced as a sharp pain shot through his left leg.

pull/haul yourself up by your bootstraps

punish yourself

Do not attempt to punish yourself for not making adequate progress.

Do you punish yourself or feel guilty if you fail?

He himself does nothing wrong yet he still punishes himself for other's wrong doings.

However, Gottlieb did not punish herself with guilt.

Perhaps you felt guilty about ignoring a charity collection, and so decided to punish yourself?

She was very sorry for her mistake and was therefore punishing herself by agreeing to marry him.

Sometimes he punished himself when others were inclined to exonerate him.

Such resistance to being well necessitated the idea of unconscious forces of guilt; the patients sought to punish themselves through illness.

put yourself about

put yourself across

put yourself out

I wouldn't want to put yourself out just for me.

A lot of people round here have put themselves out for me.

Also, I was not keen on the prospect of putting myself out without desire.

As if her father's interminable complaints were not enough, nomatterhow she put herself out to please him.

I bad to ask around and write letters and put myself out to make it happen.

Kept Ireland out of the war, but that doesn't mean he's putting himself out for your people.

Mauve put himself out in all sorts of ways - a highly irritable man who could be expansively generous.

They put themselves out of reach.

You got ta put yourself out, at risk.

range yourself with/against sb/sth

realign yourself with sb

The inquisitive Warlord turned to realign itself with its mechanical peers which strode onward together in line abreast, to massacre Marines.

redeem yourself

The Bears will have a chance to redeem themselves in Saturday's game.

A state lawmaker wants death-row inmates to have a chance to redeem themselves and help their fellow man.

Gerrard then redeemed himself with a double save.

He redeemed himself by sending over a good cross for P Reid to put the Olympic in front.

Now he has redeemed himself in overseeing her recovery.

The only way we could redeem ourselves was by getting out of the first round.

There was a sense of we had to come back and redeem ourselves.

You must, in short, become a born-again consumer, redeem yourself, and find peace.

reinvent yourself

Madonna kept winning new fans as she reinvented herself.

By remixing and adding new parts to certain sections they have successfully managed to reinvent themselves.

City, state and federal governments reinvent themselves, scaling back, spending less on human services.

In this fast-changing environment, several commercial on-line services are trying to reinvent themselves.

New skills can increase personal satisfaction Women in particular are susceptible to believing that improving their appearance can help them reinvent themselves.

Simply put, 88open either has to reinvent itself or hang it up.

The company intends to reinvent itself from a leading distributor of on-line content into primarily a developer of on-line content.

The emphasis can only grow as even large companies are forced to reinvent themselves along more entrepreneurial, internet-enabled lines.

They reinvent themselves, often without a model for their paternal roles.

relieve yourself

After rolling on the sand in excruciating pain until stars lit up the sky, he relieved himself for a good half-hour.

By releasing it into the world, he relieved himself and taunted the fates to punish him.

Cocaine users often feel as though they need the drug to relieve themselves of the tired feeling and to function normally.

Missus Hall would relieve herself on old newspapers in the alleyways on Central Avenue.

On average, young puppies may relieve themselves about six times a day.

The corollary is that acquiring an addiction is tantamount to relieving oneself of personal responsibility.

Threlfall turned his back and waited for the man to finish relieving himself.

When their overlords came out to relieve themselves in the snow, the serfs collected the urine to drink.

reproach yourself

He reproached himself for not having called police sooner.

There's no point in reproaching yourself - there's nothing you could have done.

And then, again, she reproached herself for unfairness.

He reproached himself for not having thought of something before.

He marked this trespass into the private clubhouse of cynicism and reproached himself for it.

I have no doubt Margaret reproached herself, - perhaps still does.

Oh, vanity, vanity! she thought, reproaching herself.

The rest of us were left to reproach ourselves for what had happened.

They chivvy and reproach each other as we eat.

You and Fred have nothing to reproach yourselves with.

resign yourself to (doing) sth

He seems to have resigned himself to living without her.

Adair, who loves Virgilia, resigns himself to be her confidant and Fergus' mentor.

Finally I resign myself to the truth: Anne Frank is dead, she will never write anything else.

He had resigned himself to it.

I resign myself to being among them soon enough.

I resigned myself to merciless stick over the coming week.

I never particularly relished torture, but I resigned myself to it when I arrived in Algiers...

Lucille had seen the Prince's arrival and hasty departure, and had resigned herself to Sharpe's absence.

Lydia was resigning herself to a long stretch of celibacy.

restrict yourself/sb to (doing) sth

But some states have restricted access to medications.

Even if you have restricted access to kids-only Internet sites and chat rooms, kids can still do it.

Note, we do not restrict player A to use a linear strategy.

Scarlet was enormously prestigious: the thirteenth-century sumptuary laws of the kingdom of Castile and Leon restricted its use to the king.

She spent time with her friends and restricted herself to ten minutes on the perfection of Lucy.

The funds do not, in practice, restrict themselves to big companies.

We ow restrict our attention to simple pencils, where symmetric or not.

retreat into yourself/your shell/fantasy etc

I retreated into my shell, being painfully shy in the first place.

reverse yourself

But new policies, like huge airplanes hurtling down a runway, do not reverse themselves.

He asked the council to reverse itself on the variance, which it did.

He gripped her and swung her over, reversing himself along her body.

In the past the senator has supported these programs, but last year he reversed himself.

It would mean reversing himself on three points: price reform, budget discipline and privatisation of land and property.

Now, Virginians seem to have reversed themselves.

Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, reversing himself after days of criticism, Friday said he would continue to lead the Whitewater investigation.

This quickly reverses itself into cabinet control.

rupture yourself

say to yourself

"Face it, Jack, you're getting old," he said to himself.

Another few weeks, he says to himself, and every morning will be like this one.

His wife, Tess said to herself.

I said to myself that the world is revolting and man is pitiful.

I said to myself: ridiculous.

Just look at him, Blue says to himself.

The worm will turn, he said to himself silently.

We think, but we don't really know what they were saying to each other behind closed doors.

seat yourself (in/on/beside etc sth)

At two o'clock she seated herself at a window-table in a restaurant overlooking the Nile, near where the houseboat was moored.

Hardin noted that thoughtfully and seated himself wearily in a corner just as far from the other five as possible.

He seated himself at one end, and Emily sat beside him.

He watched Ewen steadily, while the constable, who had seated himself at the kitchen table, was taking notes.

She seated herself in a wicker chair and took her mug without speaking.

She seats herself, opens it, begins to play.

The pupils seat themselves in a square representing the doctor's office.

Watson, and seat yourself precisely as you were overnight.

sell yourself

If you want a promotion, you've got to sell yourself better.

Don't be negative or apologetic - remember you're selling yourself, and should highlight your good points.

For the candidate the same basic rules of selling yourself apply as for one-to-one interviews.

Let the kids sell themselves the way the schools peddle their athletic programs.

Now it is selling itself as the natural arena for developing companies in the new Länder.

She was going to sell herself - she has sold herself by now - and would have sold me - for supper.

So I don't sell myself to him.

Still, one could not help but feel that with Last Supper Frank had sold himself short.

You will be choosing the organization and then selling yourself to them, rather than relying solely upon answering newspaper advertisements.

set yourself against (doing) sth

But pop sets itself against nature and abandons wisdom for folly, moments of dissipation.

She leaned into him, set herself against him.

The three Established Church representatives set themselves against; the other four who were Free Churchmen were for it.

Why has the Supreme Court set itself against the will of the majority on such an unprecedented scale?

set yourself up as sth

After all, she was the one who'd set herself up as Jett's little helper.

Everyone thinks he can set himself up as a dramatic critic.

He set himself up as a one-man cult.

It's not that he wishes to set himself up as a leader.

Roads and Traffic in Urban Areas has, by its own proclamation, set itself up as the Bible for traffic planners.

She was too young to be setting herself up as the devoted handmaiden to the great man.

Why do they set themselves up as tradesmen if that's all they're going to do?

shit yourself

Fact is, comin' here from the fence I fuckin' near shit myself each time you stopped.

He shits himself each day that they will send him there.

To shit oneself is to admit existence.

shoot yourself in the foot

If we just let him keep talking, pretty soon he's going to shoot himself in the foot.

Once again, the government has shot itself in the foot -- this time by reducing widows' pensions.

A classic case of shooting ourselves in the foot, the chairman, Sir Alan Cockshaw, admitted ruefully yesterday.

But at the end of the day, they could end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Conceptually, the worst crime committed here is that the story shoots itself in the foot by making the political too personal.

He certainly shot himself in the foot, pulling out of Glastonbury and playing Finsbury Park.

Men shot themselves in the foot, like in wartime.

So they shot themselves in the foot.

This is another classic example of our ability to shoot ourselves in the feet.

Yet when Labour's prospects are rosiest, it always seems to shoot itself in the foot.

shut yourself away

She shut herself away in her room to work on her novel.

Adolph wouldn't want you shutting yourself away.

And others were so deeply affected that they withdrew from the community, shutting themselves away in their homes.

From there he moved on to Edinburgh, and finally shut himself away in his much embellished palace of Falkland to die.

Not a good idea to shut yourself away like this once you got a bit older, thought Meredith.

She should never have shut herself away in that dreadful place.

You could shut yourself away in this garret all day and never come down.

shut yourself in (sth)

Before every game, he shuts himself in his office for an hour and pores over the scouting reports.

Finally she shut herself in the attic room on Ella's day off and sobbed until she ached in body and soul.

Fuming, Christopher shut himself in the house.

Saturday I went again, but she shut herself in her room.

She shut herself in out of the drizzling rain, and expressed her delight with everything.

She took one out and carried it up to her bedroom and shut herself in.

She took the report, told them all where to find her if necessary and shut herself in her office.

So Ellie darted back to her room, and shut herself in, her heart pounding.

shut yourself off

He shuts himself off from his two young daughters and composes laments to his dead wife.

I shut myself off from the female race and channelled all my energy into my work.

Students who avoid learning even the basics can shut themselves off from important sources in the field.

smarten yourself up

Smarten up! It's time for inspection.

Jeremy, go smarten yourself up before dinner.

She's smartening herself up in the ladies' room.

speak for yourself

"We're not interested in going to the game." "Hey, speak for yourself."

Facts should normally be allowed to speak for themselves: to spell out a conclusion may spell danger.

In this oracular role, though, she does not speak for herself.

Let these facts speak for themselves: By the time Barbie was invented, I was too old for dolls.

Nevertheless, this is an ultimately inspiring study of prisoners speaking for themselves.

That rather speaks for itself. 6.

The alacrity with which northerners enlisted for military service whenever warfare flared up on the Border speaks for itself.

The arrangement seemed to speak for itself: Alice, the true love.

Yet the belief that a videotape somehow speaks for itself persisted.

spread yourself too thin

BHart said the organization, though well-intentioned, might be spreading itself too thin.

steel yourself

I had to steel myself before I could tell her about the accident.

Jim steeled himself for a fight.

She steeled herself to look at the body again.

And now he must steel himself to face a future without both his parents.

He stood straight and still, breathing hard as if he were steeling himself to do something.

I steel myself to look them in the eyes.

I steeled myself, reached all the way in, and unlocked the door.

She had been expecting changes and had steeled herself not to resent them.

The small staff of doctors, nurses and psychotherapists is steeling itself for an expected 100 percent increase in clients next year.

To steel himself, he served as a witness at two state executions.

stuff yourself

I watched Claude stuff himself into his trousers.

She so obviously hadn't given up stuffing herself with Salmon's cream buns.

The naan bread was big; we'd both stuffed ourselves with it during the meal but it was still big.

The Scarecrow stuffed himself with fresh straw and Dorothy put new paint on his eyes that he might see better.

We do know that some people stuff themselves with fiber and still get cancer.

We laugh as we stuff ourselves with bouillabaisse.

When I first started thinking about Christmas, I decided to spend it alone and stuff myself with food.

Your son knows where it comes from even if he doesn't take the stuff himself.

style yourself sth

submerge yourself in sth

Alice submerged herself in work to try and forget about Tom.

He preferred, he said, to submerge himself in the urban swill, or be in deep country.

Often, departing high-level administration types go teach dry government courses or submerge themselves in think tanks.

She looked into his dark eyes and submerged herself in the bliss of being flattered.

With resigned disgust, Alice lay back, submerging herself in the only softness available at that time-the pillow.

suit yourself

A visitor or resident may move a small table to suit themselves - it could mean a broken hip for another resident.

And not betraying the past, either, not rewriting our private history to suit herself.

Casual or classically smart, there are spots, stripes and bold blocks of vibrant colour so you really can suit yourself!

I choose my assignments to suit myself.

In a strange kind of way, they suited each other.

Of course as the interviewer you basically arrange the interview to suit yourself.

Once the pair has been installed in the breeding tank, they will begin to alter the decor to suit themselves.

You may suit yourself on that one!

sun yourself

But a srnall gator sunned himself on a bank, an egret leaned forward knee-deep in the standing pool.

Even the life-giving sun itself is being accused and feared like a violent criminal on the loose.

It was sunning itself on the path.

It was true there were many snakes there on hot days sunning themselves but that did not worry him.

Lee Ann took all her clothes off and lay down to sun herself on the flying bridge.

Red jungle fowl, the ancestors of all our domestic chickens, sun themselves on the edge of the forest.

Redlands Here you can relax in a pine lodge overlooking a lovely garden, or sun yourself on the semi-circular sun terrace.

They like to sun themselves on pavement too hot to walk on in shoes.

sure of yourself

Go ahead and try, if you're so sure of yourself.

He sounded so sure of himself that I didn't bother to argue.

Jenny was younger than her sister but seemed much more sure of herself.

Gentiles resented the trekkers, but the Saints grew ever more sure of themselves.

He's all mixed up and dead sure of himself.

He was just too beautiful, too confident, too sure of himself.

Nephthys was younger than her brother, but seemed older, and more sure of herself.

Robert the next day seemed urbane, sure of himself, even, she thought, pleased with himself.

She is utterly fearless and sure of herself, small in stature but large in moxie.

The children were hardly children, so capable and sure of themselves were they.

We no longer are so sure of ourselves or of our past.

surround yourself with sb/sth

Surrounding himself with capable men, Romero worked hard to achieve his goals.

Along the way, Gosman has surrounded himself with former Mediplex executives at PhyMatrix.

Dole surrounded himself with young people, a major contrast to his usual entourage of dark-suited politicians.

In many species the basic unit is the harem, with one dominant male surrounding himself with a number of breeding females.

It has surrounded itself with a region from which nothing - absolutely nothing - can escape.

Special treat: surrounding themselves with plastic ship models and watching Tora!

Territorials surround themselves with briefcases, calendars, and large bushy plants.

The president managed, as always, to surround himself with beautiful women at dinner.

take it upon/on yourself to do sth

He didn't dare take it upon himself to enlighten her further.

He might be unwelcome, but he had taken it upon himself to come on over the first moment he heard.

If we want our children to know certain information, perhaps we should take it upon ourselves to teach them.

It is a dangerous path, however, when the executive takes it upon itself to qualify Parliament's decisions.

Many problems can be prevented if you take it upon yourself to keep the lines of communication clear.

Pius took it upon himself to proclaim the Dogma of the Assumption.

Sir Herbert Morgan took it upon himself to act as chairman of an unofficial committee to help realise the three-year project.

So I took it upon myself to tell her, old nosey-parker that I am.

talk to yourself

"What did you say?" "Nothing, I was just talking to myself."

Betty was talking to herself under her breath as she worked.

I think he's going crazy - he talks to himself all the time.

A system is anything that talks to itself.

And, as he played, he seemed to talk to himself under his breath.

Clients are often totally unaware of how negatively they may be talking to themselves, anticipating failure and minimizing success.

Googol talked to himself in a muffled manner or merely droned - hard to say which - whenever he was in space.

He walked along talking to himself.

It was funny, she was sort of talking to herself.

They drank their tea and did not talk to each other.

We continually talk to ourselves about them, losing force all the time, and feel that we are very badly treated.

tart yourself up/get tarted up

tell yourself sth

think for yourself

'You're going to have to start thinking for yourself,' said David sternly.

I try to encourage my students to think for themselves.

Parents should encourage their children to think for themselves.

The purpose of this question is to force students to think for themselves.

And you learn about the real necessity of acting and thinking for yourself.

Authority can be mistaken and it can cover up ignorance with prestige and prevent people from thinking for themselves.

Characters have stopped thinking for themselves...

He did not seem able to deal with anyone who wished to work from understanding, or able to think for himself.

My aims include encouraging pupils to think for themselves and to choose their own methods of working.

Tanya insists on moving in many circles and, above all, on thinking for herself.

This problem is not discussed in the text; the purpose of this question is to force students to think for themselves.

You have to think for yourself, David told him.

think only of yourself

No, they think only of themselves.

Why am I thinking only of myself?

throw yourself at sb

Could you believe how Diana threw herself at Eric?

Ace threw herself at the speeder controls, stamping on the throttle override while wrenching the steering column forward.

Alyson throws herself at all angles on the big couch.

By holding back, pretending concern, he'd made her practically throw herself at him.

I throw myself at this Azadi and we wrestle like children in the mud.

Moravcik sent over another delicious corner, which Stilian Petrov threw himself at to score.

She's throwing herself at that man, making a complete fool of herself.

She had no urge whatever to throw herself at Mitch.

You put him in a situation where women are throwing themselves at him.

throw yourself at/on/into/down etc

At this stage, the urge to do something was unfocused, but it was extraordinary how people threw themselves into it.

Grief-stricken, he threw himself on her..

He kicked it in, threw himself on the floor and rolled under the bed.

I threw myself down on the bed and sobbed bitterly.

I threw myself into organising the funeral, picking out the music I wanted played.

Like Billy McFadzean who in 1916 threw himself on two bombs to save his comrades in the trenches of the Somme.

They threw themselves down on the street or took shelter behind cars and in doorways.

You put him in a situation where women are throwing themselves at him.

throw yourself into sth

Since her husband died, she's thrown herself into her work.

He must throw himself into his work, forget her.

He tried for years without success until finally, in utter despair, he threw himself into the kiln.

Luckily, the boys heard the scuffle and ran out to throw themselves into the fray.

Margarett threw herself into the trip.

Mary was so chagrined that she threw herself into a life of promiscuity.

She took the report, went out into the department and threw herself into her work with tight-lipped determination.

This caused such a stir that Harrison threw himself into the cause of medical reform.

To keep things together, he threw himself into his work.

throw yourself on sb's mercy

For a craven moment she was tempted to go back and throw herself on the mercy of the landlady.

I would throw myself on the mercy of the circuit-house, usually reserved for traveling politicians and sundry bigwigs.

You're so sweet I just wanted to throw myself on your mercy and beg you to help me.

tie yourself (up) in knots

Sharon has tied herself up in knots worrying about her job.

top yourself

Alas, I felt the need to top myself each time out.

Silent Scream attempts to do the same for Larry Winters, a Glaswegian murderer who waxed poetic behind bars before topping himself.

unburden yourself (to sb)

George dropped his hands from his face, and very quickly realized that the young man was longing to unburden himself.

He had been feeling guilty and needed to unburden himself.

It was as if Jack was preparing to unburden himself, to share his secrets with her.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to unburden myself in print.

Sometimes he would have liked to unburden himself to somebody, but his officers and men had their own problems.

The laibon now begins to unburden himself.

To unburden themselves of arranging and directing these tasks, grieving families turn to funeral directors.

unsure of yourself

At first, Chris seemed nervous and unsure of herself.

He was only 21 and still very unsure of himself with girls.

Dole often seemed frustrated and unsure of himself as Democrats blocked many of the bills he tried to move through Congress.

He had lost many of the people who mattered to him, and he was unsure of himself and his abilities.

His team at times looked flustered, lost on defense and unsure of itself on offense.

Instead, they are weak and unsure of themselves.

Like many men, deep down he was unsure of himself.

None of us knew what to expect; we all felt somewhat unsure of one another.

Whereas she had once felt confident, now she felt unsure of herself in this new role.

Woil looked around him and seemed suddenly confused and unsure of himself.

what have you got to say for yourself?

what to do with yourself

I don't know what to do with myself.

Once at the top, he had no idea what to do with himself.

Still, it didn't take me long to make up my mind what to do with myself.

Wade stopped and waited, not sure what to do with himself.

work yourself into a frenzy/panic/state etc

A 16-year-old girl works herself into a frenzy of grief for a friend killed by right-wing vigilantes.

I could see at once he was working himself into a panic about it all.

I knew I was working myself into a state, but I kept on staring at the picture of the dead girl.

It was silly to work himself into a state like this.

Make sure that the horse stays calm and does not work himself into a frenzy.

You're working yourself into a state.

work/drive/run yourself into the ground

But don't drive yourself into the ground .

I've already explained to you how I've worked myself into the ground setting up the interview.

I tried working myself into the ground , but I could be totally exhausted and still remember.

Mitchell and White ran themselves into the ground and Nicky Summerbee tried everything he could to get a goal.

They ran themselves into the ground , ran Chesterfield off the pitch, but they couldn't get another goal.

wrench yourself away/free

Adam closed the front door and stood there for a moment as if he could not wrench himself away.

Claws snagged on the photographer's clothing, but he managed to wrench himself away.

Without you white birds would wrench themselves free from my paintings and fly off dripping blood into the night.

you can't hear yourself think


If you want something done right, you'd better do it yourself .

It must be true - you told me so yourself .

This is the perfect suit for a businessman such as yourself , sir.

You'll hurt yourself if you're not careful.

You can make yourself a cup of coffee.

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