Meaning of ABANDON in English


I. verb


to give up without intent to return or reclaim

abandoned his family

Synonyms: chuck, desert, forsake, quit, renounce, throw over

Related Word: cast (off), discard, disuse, drop, junk, scrap; reject, repudiate

Idioms: have done with, leave flat, quit cold, run out on, turn one's back on ( or upon), walk out on

Contrasted words: hold, keep, possess, retain; redeem, rescue, save; acquire, gain, get, procure, win; cherish, foster

Antonyms: reclaim


Synonyms: relinquish , cede, give up, hand over, leave, resign, surrender, ||turn up, waive, yield

Antonyms: retain

II. noun


Synonyms: unconstraint , ease, naturalness, spontaneity, unrestraint


carefree disregard for consequences

behave with abandon

Synonyms: impulsiveness, uninhibitedness, unrestraint; compare unconstraint

Related Word: freedom, liberty, license; exuberance, heedlessness, laxity, laxness, looseness, unruliness, wildness; incontinence, licentiousness, wantonness; fun, games, play, sport

Contrasted words: constraint, inhibitedness, inhibition, restraint; repression, suppression

Antonyms: self-restraint

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