Meaning of ABANDON in English


I. verb


abandon a baby (= leave your baby somewhere because you do not want it )

A disturbing number of babies are abandoned by their mothers.

abandon your ideals (= to stop believing in ideals )

Have these young people abandoned the ideals of the Civil Rights Movement?

abandon your principles (= stop believing in them or trying to act by them )

It has been said that he abandoned his basic political principles while he was in power.

abandon/give up an attempt

They had to abandon their attempt to climb the mountain.

abandon/give up your plans

The city authorities have abandoned their plans to host the Super Bowl.

abandon/give up/drop a pretence (= stop pretending that you are doing something or that something is true )

Maria had abandoned any pretence of having faith of any kind long ago.

abandon/scrap a plan (= decide not to continue with it )

The plan was scrapped because it was too expensive.

an abandoned baby (= left somewhere by a mother who does not want it )

The abandoned baby was found under a hedge.

call off/abandon a search

They called off the search when it got dark.

leave/abandon sb to their fate (= leave someone in a bad situation )

The abandoned sailors were left to their fate on the island.

lose/give up/abandon hope (= stop hoping )

After so long without any word from David, Margaret was starting to lose hope.

reckless abandon (= without caring about the danger )

He ran into the burning house with reckless abandon .




All his long life the taste never abandoned him.

But the radiance and exuberance have never abandoned her.

Lexandro stared at Valence, and it was as if their minds conjoined for an instant - Valence would never abandon Lexandro.

In contrast, the tubes of a tubeworm are fixed and the worms never abandon their tubes.

It is still wonderful - both how far he moved from it and how he never abandoned it at all.



Loretta decided she would have to abandon her attempt to see Veronica for the rest of the day.

Helen watched my grandmother with a peculiar horror, for my grandmother had abandoned all attempts to make herself presentable.

Charles realized that he must abandon the attempt to re-assert the Forest rights enjoyed by his medieval predecessors.

It abandons the attempt to detect a class struggle between exploiters and exploited within advanced capitalism.

Isabel abandoned the attempt and fought to regain her control instead.

In reality it was simply a recognition that the government had abandoned any serious attempt to keep monetary growth within targets.


They abandoned their getaway car in Sealand Road.

Perhaps the engine of an abandoned car will start or a hot-air balloon will materialize.

Dennis Garvey drowned off the Norfolk coast after abandoning his car in Great Yarmouth.

Half an hour went by, and then we gave up, reluctantly deciding to abandon the car .

The two joyriders abandoned the stolen car and ran off.

Many aging enthusiasts began to abandon sports cars for sport utilities.

The joyriders abandoned the car nearby.

There was another abandoned car by the side of the road.


Her parents offered no explanation when police boarded their plane at Chicago airport yesterday to arrest them for abandoning their children .

The ministry van arrived to collect the abandoned children and the eight boys and girls sent from up the northward coasts.

Sarah had abandoned her child , she couldn't want her back now.

Certainly if a father dies or abandons a child , the child will understandably mourn.

I could feel the sad power of disintegration: husbands gone off, wives abandoned , children baffled.

Four other abandoned children whose final days had not been as comfortable were buried that same day.

He would never forgive her for abandoning his child .

His wife ran away with another man, leaving him and abandoning the children .


He made the hard decision to abandon the Old World.

The crisis and the government's decision to abandon its currency controls hit the already fragile banking system hard.

Ferris took the decision to abandon the aircraft, which crashed at 1205 at Oxborough, Norfolk.


I shall not abandon the effort to persuade you otherwise.

The knowledgeable authorities occupy the institutional front row only because others have abandoned the effort .

Alyssia bared her teeth in a semblance of a smile and then abandoned the effort .

Democrats are discussing whether to abandon an effort to force a House vote on a resolution condemning the actions of Rep.

But the president claims he abandoned this effort when told that it would require a presidential decree.

Only once did I abandon an effort to sample a specific black smoker because I could not safely get into position.

But opposition proved overwhelming, and city officials, at least temporarily, abandoned their efforts .

But when a four-day strike at the unit threatened to stall vehicle production, Chrysler agreed to abandon those efforts .


Instead, at this point Sartre at last abandons all hope of proving History as a totalization without a totalizer.

To abandon hope should be a one shot deal; a man should not have to do it twice.

She had long since abandoned that hope .

Thus, there is still enough separation between the Goldens and the Jerseys to keep Warriors fans from abandoning hope entirely.

She had abandoned all hope of getting her contract down in black and white!

At three in the morning, she abandoned any hope of getting to sleep.

My consolation is in your ecstasy when you abandon hope , and there's nothing to be done.


This process abandons the old idea that it is necessary to start with a two-carbon feedstock to make the two-carbon acetic acid.

After discreet soundings, they prudently abandoned the idea , which would have involved a major encroachment upon judicial independence.

With a sense of relief I abandoned my idea of escape.

Why have you abandoned the idea ?

The shadow cabinet decided in April 1912 that it would abandon the referendum idea and return to the full tariff policy.

Nevertheless, the appearance of Forbes' paper led Darwin to abandon any idea of a separate publication on the topic.


The Government announced on 19 February that it was abandoning its plan to abolish legal aid in asylum cases.

So Sherman sighed and abandoned his plan to save his daughter from the elements.

He gives no money for the care of his son, and Aurora has abandoned plans to pursue child support.

Why don't we abandon the original plan and go straight to Debenham and Freebody, as we're so close.

Because of his claimed penury, Mr Hamilton has abandoned plans to contest the libel verdict.

He now abandons the desperate plan of separating his company into two.


No clients of Engel and Rudman have abandoned their insurance policies .

Because the government abandoned any formal incomes policy there was less call for it to maintain close relations with union leaders.

The party has abandoned policies which made it unelectable in the 1980s.

We do not intend to abandon this policy .

At that late stage they abandoned a kick-and-chase policy and began moving the ball.

It is not clear, he said, whether the review will formally abandon the policy or simply ignore it.

Yet far from leading him to abandon or modify his policies , opposition incited him to more drastic methods.

It abandoned incomes policy in the private sector, seeking only to keep pay increases to public employees tightly under control.


They abandoned the principle for the council tax, so no argument in principle remains.

Einstein had no intention of abandoning the relativity principle .

Without abandoning the principle of honour among thieves, let's look at those two points closely.

And it would largely abandon the principle of progressivity, under which the wealthy pay higher rates than the middle class.

Now he claims to have abandoned this principle , apparently for no other reason than the pursuit of electoral palatability.


Termination would leave the government with no option but to invite bids for a new concession, or abandon the project .

I was sure that the raft and the team meant more to him than any idea of abandoning the project .

Is it worth paying the price or abandoning the project ?

No organization likes being told that it has got to hold back its expansion or abandon some pet project .

But rising gas prices in the 1970s forced the corporation to abandon the project .

Catholic civil servants usually had to abandon any practical political project if they wished to proceed through the ranks.

The second-level decision required is whether or not to authorize further research or to abandon the project at decision node 2b.

Much of the renovation work was already done before a previous developer had to abandon the project .


We should not abandon the search for a better way of determining pay for all health service staff.

By the 1990s, large and institutional investors had abandoned the search for security and demanded instead fat returns on investments.

After throwing things around in a very haphazard fashion she finally abandoned her search .

Somewhat bewildered, they abandoned the search and the world heard about yet another maritime tragedy.


I don't understand why Andropulos and the others didn't abandon ship earlier.

They enrolled here expecting much and are reluctant to abandon ship , though I have argued with them.

The crew now wanted to abandon ship , and a few minutes later red flares were seen dead ahead.

Ribault soon had to abandon the other two ships , the last reminders of a planned Huguenot empire.

Paul Reichmann was not yet ready to abandon the ship .

He was discouraged, ready to abandon ship .

Of course I don't want to abandon ship .

We make ready to abandon ship !



But when she left me in the snow, without an explanation, I felt abandoned .

Suddenly the soldier feels himself abandoned and cast off from all security.

I don't feel I can abandon Crevecoeur after having worked with hir all this time.

Coaches often are left to feel abandoned as well, unable to field enough players, even in the smaller leagues.

One is whether Communists continue to see the president as their leader, or start to feel he has abandoned them.

When this need is not met, a woman may feel abandoned , lonely, and insecure.

Fourth, the strange reluctance he felt about abandoning Downes as Suspect Number One.

He felt not free but abandoned .


Chilperic and Guntram united against him, but Sigibert forced Guntram to abandon the alliances on two occasions.

However, stricter voting procedures had forced the Democrats to abandon their traditional corruptions.

He says they should not be forced to abandon their education.

I had two punctures and was forced to abandon the Nissan.

Frostbite forced them to abandon the expedition.In 1988 and 1989 they were defeated by freak weather conditions.

The driving rain saw streams turned into muddy torrents, blocking roads and forcing some motorists to abandon their cars.

He rattled off the list of headline-worthy cases he was being forced to abandon .


with gay abandon

As a raconteur and conversationalist, scattering indiscretions and gossip with gay abandon, he was the acme of unconventionality.


a home for abandoned kittens and puppies

A new-born baby was found abandoned on the steps of a hospital yesterday.

All attempts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict have now been abandoned.

Education leaders do not want to abandon California's commitment to affordable college education.

My sister abandoned her husband and three children and went to live in Holland.

Owing to rough weather, the coast guard had been forced to abandon the search.

Retreating troops were told to abandon their weapons and run as fast as they could towards the beach.

The 9-year-old boy was abandoned by his alcoholic father.

The baby was found abandoned outside a local mosque.

The government has now abandoned its plans to privatize parts of the health service.

The suspect abandoned the car at Llewellyn and Hamilton Avenues.

The volcano eruption forced the U.S. to abandon Clark Air Force Base.

There was increased pressure on North Korea to abandon nuclear arms development.


But if the general were the unclear, we could with reason abandon all science and inquiry.

I wanted to be accurate about it and in order to be accurate, you have to abandon all restrictions.

It will offer a fair rates policy that gives 100 percent. rates relief to people whom the present Government have abandoned.

Knighton is reported to be ready to abandon his takeover bid.

Long-term research projects within companies will most likely be abandoned altogether or sharply reduced.

Republicans, meanwhile, are mulling whether to abandon the notion of filing ethics charges against Rep.

So, intellectually unfashionable but undaunted, the idea of Utopia abandoned the world altogether and was launched into space.

Sometimes Doogan abandons her classical re-visions altogether and heads into surrealism.

II. noun




As a raconteur and conversationalist, scattering indiscretions and gossip with gay abandon , he was the acme of unconventionality.


With reckless abandon , she pressured herself to him, striving to mould herself to his tough maleness.

Now, with reckless abandon , it promises to meddle with local-government structure.

They shoot and blow each other up with reckless abandon .


They fired away with wild abandon , but luckily with little accuracy, and he was able to extricate himself.

The thought of presenting her naked behind to him so crudely filled her with a wild abandon .

Synod members were under pressure to crack down on gay clergy, who were portrayed as leading lives of wild abandon !

Gritting her teeth, she lowered her head, and barged through them, swinging the cable-cutters with wild abandon .

Then all the bells joined in with wild abandon , ringing joyfully and merrily, welcoming in the New Year.


Both sides fought with abandon , crimson water swirling round their knees.

By most people's standards Marilyn Monroe was fairly uninhibited; bathing infrequently, and belching and farting with carefree abandon .

He scratches and gouges with abandon in the fluent paint.

It gained and lost with abandon , crushing the Harrisons with embarrassment.

Rather than joyous abandon , I am full of thought.

They fired away with wild abandon , but luckily with little accuracy, and he was able to extricate himself.

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