Meaning of EQUAL in English


I. adjective


Synonyms: same 2, duplicate, equivalent, identic, identical, indistinguishable, tantamount

Related Word: equable, even, uniform; alike, like; commensurate, corresponding, proportionate

Idioms: one and the same

Contrasted words: different, disparate, divergent, diverse, varied; unalike, unequable, uneven; irregular

Antonyms: unequal


Synonyms: fair 4, dispassionate, equitable, impartial, just, nondiscriminatory, objective, unbiased, uncolored, unprejudiced

Idioms: without distinction

Contrasted words: discriminating, discriminative, unfair

Antonyms: inequitable


Synonyms: even 3, equitable, fair


Synonyms: even 4, even-up, fifty-fifty


Synonyms: proportional , commensurable, commensurate, symmetrical

II. noun

one that is equal to another in status, achievement, value, meaning, or effect

he has no equal in common sense and honesty

Synonyms: counterpart, equivalent, like, match; compare opposite number , parallel

Related Word: companion, fellow, mate, peer; alter ego, double, twin; competitor, rival; similar

III. verb


Synonyms: amount 2, approach, correspond (to), match, partake (of), rival, touch

Related Word: compare, parallel; accord, agree, square, tally; reach

Idioms: amount to the same thing


Synonyms: even 2, equalize


to make or produce something equal to (as in quality or value)

equal that if you can

Synonyms: match, measure up, meet, rival, tie, touch

Related Word: beat, top

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