Meaning of EQUAL in English


adj. 1 identical, the same (as), interchangeable, one and the same, coequal, selfsame; like, alike, tantamount, similar (to), equivalent, commensurate This year's sales figures are equal to last year's 2 uniform, regular, corresponding, correspondent, congruent, congruous, (evenly) balanced, (evenly) matched, matching; equivalent, even; commensurate, comparable, proportionate, (evenly) proportioned, harmonious, symmetrical; Colloq fifty-fifty, Brit level pegging, US even Steven Women are entitled to equal employment opportunities The scores are equal. 3 equal to. up to, capable of, fit(ted) or suited or suitable for, adequate for, Archaic or literary sufficient unto Are you sure that Renwick is equal to the responsibility?

n. 4 peer, colleague, fellow, brother, mate, counterpart, equivalent, alter ego, compeer Constance is certainly anyone's equal in intelligence

v. 5 match, meet, even, correspond (to), square (with), tally (with), tie (with), parallel, come up to; rival He will never be able to equal the world record

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