Meaning of EQUAL in English


adj., n., & v.


1. (often foll. by to, with) the same in quantity, quality, size, degree, rank, level, etc.

2 evenly balanced (an equal contest).

3 having the same rights or status (human beings are essentially equal).

4 uniform in application or effect.

--n. a person or thing equal to another, esp. in rank, status, or characteristic quality (their treatment of the subject has no equal; is the equal of any man). (equalled, equalling; US equaled, equaling)

1. be equal to in number, quality, etc.

2 achieve something that is equal to (an achievement) or to the achievement of (a person).

Phrases and idioms:

be equal to have the ability or resources for. equal opportunity (often in pl.) the opportunity or right to be employed, paid, etc., without discrimination on grounds of sex, race, etc. equal (or equals) sign the symbol .

Etymology: ME f. L aequalis f. aequus even

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