Meaning of HARD in English

I. adjective


Synonyms: firm 2, solid

Related Word: compacted, compressed, concentrated, consolidated, packed; callous, hardened, indurate, indurated, set; adamantine, flinty, granitic, iron, ironhard

Contrasted words: fluid, liquid; flabby, limp; ductile, malleable, plastic, pliable, pliant; elastic, flexible, limber, resilient, supple

Antonyms: soft


Synonyms: spirituous , alcoholic, ardent, strong

Antonyms: soft


Synonyms: realistic , down-to-earth, hard-boiled, hardheaded, matter-of-fact, practical, pragmatic, sober, unfantastic, unidealistic


Synonyms: insensible 5, anesthetic, bloodless, dull, impassible, insensate, insensitive, rocky


Synonyms: intensive , blood-and-guts, deep, intense, profound


demanding great toil and effort

a hard but rewarding task

Synonyms: arduous, difficile, difficult, effortful, formidable, heavy, knotty, labored, laborious, operose, rough, rugged, serious, severe, slavish, sticky, strenuous, terrible, toilful, toilsome, tough, uphill

Related Word: burdensome, exacting, onerous; complex, complicated, intricate, involved, scabrous; backbreaking, distressing, exhausting, fatiguing, grinding, tiring, wearing, wearisome, wearying; bothersome, demanding, irksome, rocky, straining, troublesome, trying; merciless, unsparing

Contrasted words: effortless, facile, light, simple, smooth

Antonyms: easy


Synonyms: actual 2, absolute, factual, genuine, positive, sure-enough


Synonyms: grim 2, austere, bleak, dour, harsh, severe, stringent


Synonyms: severe 3, bitter, brutal, harsh, inclement, intemperate, rigorous, rugged

II. adverb


with great or utmost force

hit the nail hard

Synonyms: energetically, forcefully, forcibly, hardly, might and main, mightily, powerfully, strongly, vigorously

Related Word: actively, animatedly, briskly, snappily, spiritedly, sprightly, vivaciously; earnestly, intensely, keenly, seriously, urgently, wholeheartedly

Idioms: with all one's might

Contrasted words: faintly, feebly, nervelessly, softly, strengthlessly, unenergetically, weakly

Antonyms: easily, easy


in a violent manner

the wind blew hard all the next day

Synonyms: fiercely, frantically, frenziedly, furiously, hardly, madly, stormily, tumultuously, turbulently, violently, wildly

Related Word: boisterously, exuberantly, rowdily, uproariously; angrily, brutally, ferociously, savagely, viciously

Idioms: like a house afire, like fury, like mad

Contrasted words: gently, mildly, softly


with intentness and determination

made up her mind to study hard

Synonyms: assiduously, dingdong, earnestly, exhaustively, intensely, intensively, painstakingly, thoroughly, unremittingly

Related Word: conscientiously, meticulously, punctiliously

Contrasted words: carelessly, casually, desultorily, fitfully, haphazardly


in a fixed and intensive manner

stared hard at the offender

Synonyms: closely, intently, searchingly, sharply

Contrasted words: casually, cursorily, idly, offhand


in such manner as to cause hardship, difficulty, or defeat

things will go hard with him if he doesn't reform

Synonyms: badly, hardly, harshly, painfully, rigorously, roughly, severely; compare amiss 2

Related Word: cruelly; relentlessly; meanly, shabbily, unfairly

Contrasted words: comfortably, pleasantly, smoothly; acceptably, satisfactorily, satisfyingly

Antonyms: easily, easy


with great or excessive resentment or grief

don't take your setback so hard

Synonyms: bitterly, hardly, keenly, rancorously, resentfully, sorely

Contrasted words: casually, lightly, nonchalantly, offhandedly


in a firm manner

hold on hard

Synonyms: fast, firm, firmly, fixedly, solidly, steadfastly, tight, tightly

Contrasted words: easily, easy, loose, loosely, slackly


with difficulty

breathing hard after the climb

Synonyms: arduously, burdensomely, difficultly, hardly, laboriously, onerously, toilsomely

Related Word: exhaustingly, gruelingly, painfully, tiredly; awkwardly, cumbersomely, cumbrously, inconveniently, ponderously, unhandily, unwieldily

Contrasted words: effortlessly, evenly, handily, readily, smoothly

Antonyms: easily, easy


to the point of hardness

the pond is frozen hard

Synonyms: firmly, hardly, solid, solidly


Synonyms: close , at close hand, near, nearby, nigh

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