Meaning of HARD in English

I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Old English heard; akin to Old High German hart ~, Greek kratos strength Date: before 12th century 1. not easily penetrated ; not easily yielding to pressure, not capable of being spread ; very firm, 2. a. of liquor having a harsh or acid taste, strongly alcoholic, characterized by the presence of salts (as of calcium or magnesium) that prevent lathering with soap , 3. of or relating to radiation of relatively high penetrating power ; having high energy , having or producing relatively great photographic contrast , 4. metallic as distinct from paper , convertible into gold ; stable in value, usable as currency , readily acceptable in international trade, being high and firm , 5. firmly and closely twisted , having a smooth close napless finish , 6. physically fit , resistant to stress or disease, free of weakness or defects, 7. a. firm , definite , not speculative or conjectural ; factual , important or informative rather than sensational or entertaining , close , searching , free from sentimentality or illusion ; realistic , lacking in responsiveness ; obdurate , unfeeling , 8. a. difficult to bear or endure , oppressive , inequitable , b. lacking consideration, compassion, or gentleness ; callous , incorrigible , tough , c. harsh, severe, or offensive in tendency or effect , resentful , strict , unrelenting , inclement , e. intense in force, manner, or degree , demanding the exertion of energy ; calling for stamina and endurance , performing or carrying on with great energy, intensity, or persistence , most unyielding or thoroughgoing , 9. characterized by sharp or harsh outline, rigid execution, and stiff drawing, sharply defined ; stark , lacking in shading, delicacy, or resonance , sounding as in arcing and geese respectively, suggestive of toughness or insensitivity , 10. a. difficult to accomplish or resolve ; troublesome , difficult to comprehend or explain , having difficulty in doing something , difficult to magnetize or demagnetize, being at once addictive and gravely detrimental to health , resistant to biodegradation , being, schooled in, or using the methods of the natural sciences and especially of the physical sciences , contributed (as by individuals or political action committees) directly to a particular candidate or campaign, Synonyms: see: ~ II. adverb Date: before 12th century 1. with great or utmost effort or energy ; strenuously , in a violent manner ; fiercely , to the full extent, to an immoderate degree , in a searching, close, or concentrated manner , 2. in such a manner as to cause ~ship, difficulty, or pain, with rancor, bitterness, or grief , in a firm manner ; tightly, to the point of ~ness , close in time or space

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