Meaning of ABIDE in English


v. Function: verb


Synonyms: STAY 2, bide, linger, remain, stick around, tarry, wait

Related Words: adhere, cleave, cling, stick; dwell, live, reside

Contrasted Words: go, leave, quit; move, remove, shift

Antonyms: depart


Synonyms: CONTINUE 1, carry through, endure, last, perdure, persist

Related Words: linger; exist, subsist

Contrasted Words: avoid, elude, escape, evade

Antonyms: pass


Synonyms: BEAR 10, brook, endure, go, stand, stomach, suffer, swallow, take, tolerate

Related Words: accept, receive; accede, consent

Idioms: put up with


Synonyms: RESIDE 1, bide, ||dig, dwell, hang out, live

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