Meaning of DARK in English


n. Function: adjective

1 deficient in light FF1C; a dark room FF1E;

Synonyms: caliginous, dim, dun, dusk, dusky, gloomy, lightless, murky, obscure, somber, tenebrous, unilluminated

Related Words: cloudy, dull, shadowy, shady; pitch-black, pitch-dark

Contrasted Words: bright, brilliant, luminous, radiant; enlightened, illuminated, illumined, lighted

Antonyms: light


Synonyms: CRYPTIC , Delphian, enigmatic, mystifying

Related Words: abstruse, esoteric, hidden, occult, recondite; anagogic, cabalistic, darkling, mystic, mystical; complicated, intricate, knotty

Contrasted Words: clear, perspicuous; easy, facile, light, simple

Antonyms: lucid

3 of dark complexion FF1C; her dark good looks FF1E;

Synonyms: bistered, black-a-vised, brunet, dark-skinned, dusky, swart, swarth, swarthy

Contrasted Words: blond, fair, light; ruddy, tawny

|| 4

Synonyms: BLIND 1, eyeless, sightless, stone-blind, visionless

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