Meaning of DARK in English


[dark] adj [ME derk, fr. OE deorc; akin to OHG tarchannen to hide] (bef. 12c) 1 a: devoid or partially devoid of light: not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, or radiating light b: transmitting only a portion of light

2. a: wholly or partially black b of a color: of low or very low lightness 3 a: arising from or showing evil traits or desires: evil "the ~ powers that lead to war" b: dismal, gloomy "had a ~ view of the future" c: lacking knowledge or culture

4: not clear to the understanding

5: not fair in complexion: swarthy

6: secret "kept his plans ~" 7: possessing depth and richness "a ~ voice" 8: closed to the public "the theater is ~ in the summer" syn see obscure -- dark.ish adj -- adv -- dark.ness n

[2]dark n (13c) 1 a: a place or time of little or no light: night, nightfall b: absence of light: darkness

2: a dark or deep color -- in the dark 1: in secrecy "most of his dealings were done in the dark"

2: in ignorance "kept the public in the dark about the agreement" [3]dark vi (14c) obs: to grow dark ~ vt: to make dark

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