Meaning of DIRECT in English


Function: adjective

1 being or passing in a straight line of descent from parent to offspring FF1C; direct ancestors FF1E;

Synonyms: lineal

2 admitting free or continuous passage FF1C; a direct route to the beach FF1E;

Synonyms: straight, straightforward, through, uninterrupted

Related Words: linear; continuous, unbroken, undeviating, unswerving

Contrasted Words: circuitous, roundabout

Antonyms: indirect


Synonyms: FRANK , candid, man-to-man, open, plain, straightforward, unconcealed, undisguised, undissembled, unreserved

Antonyms: devious

4 marked by absence of an intervening agency, instrumentality, or influence FF1C; he had no direct knowledge of the crime FF1E;

Synonyms: firsthand, immediate, primary

Related Words: contiguous, next, proximate

Antonyms: indirect

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